TS EDCET 2nd Counselling 2016 Latest News Update

Here is a flash news for students who are in very confusion about TS EDCET 2nd Counselling 2016. Telangana State Council for Higher Education (TSCHE) completed 1st phase counselling & allotment process before 3months. But still now Government didnot make any announcement on B.Ed 2nd counselling.

Many candidates who are not satisfied in 1st Phase and who did not participate in 1st counselling due to many reasons are now waiting eagerly for 2nd Phase Ed.CET counseling. Many students regularly writing us comments to know details about 2nd shift certificate verification & web counselling schedule. But till now TS Govt had not given any permission for II round counselling.

After 1st Phase newly 11 B.Ed colleges got permission from Court for 2nd counselling. With this Telangana Higher Education Commission once again approached court for appeal. As the issue is in court Govt is not able to announce 2nd phase counselling.

  • In total 184 B.Ed colleges 12,400 convener seats are available. Out of total 7,953 seats are left after the 1st phase counselling.

Update as on 09th Jan, 2017 new

Green Signal for TS EDCET 2nd (Final) Counselling for B.Ed courses

A very good news for candidates who waiting for TS EDCET 2nd Counselling. Finally Telangana Government decided to conducted 2nd phase B.Ed counseling and gave green signal to conduct Final Phase counselling. As we already informed you that TS ED.CET IInd Phase web counselling will be in the end of Dec, 2016 or Jan first week. Continue Reading…..

Update as on 19th Dec, 2016

Update as on 12th Dec, 2016

Letter to Deputy CM Kadiam Srihari from B.Ed college management

Telangana B.Ed & D.Ed college managements decided to remain close their colleges for not conducting TS Ed.CET 2nd Phase counselling. Let us see with this whether TS Govt will conduct 2nd b.ed counseling or not.

TS EDCET 2nd Counselling 2016 Latest News Update

Note: We request all the students to share your comment box in below comment box. We will let you know all the updates as soon as possible to the best of our knowledge. Again we will come with latest information soon. All the best. Lets hope Govt will announced TS ED.CET II Phase counselling schedule soon.

Update as on 09th Jan, 2017


  1. I am waiting for second councilling but govt did not conduct,now another notification came now what we do ,can i apply for edcet or waiting or second councilling please clarify it urgently

  2. Worst Government. Chesedhi emi ledhu kaani peddha goppalu malli. Ee Government valla students life waste avthundhi,

  3. Waste government nd waste education faculty intha chetta gallani yekkada chudale…chetha kanapudu resign cheyandi…hello admin mundhu matladatam nerchukondi phn lo.. tarvatha kopadadhu ardamindha… Courtlo case solve kanapudu mari dates yevadu release cheyamandu ah ipudu malli undadhu ani antunnar mirasal ma lifes tho adkunt unnaru thu

  4. I Cald To Edcet Office THey R saying Dat..Today Court Will Decide about Second Counslng .THy R saying 50 -50 Chances…Chatha Government I wasted My Precious Year ..Thy People Talking Cooly

      1. Who have finished certificate verification in 1st first phase they are No need to go for certificate verification in 2nd phase,they r directly attempt web counselling..

  5. Dear sir,
    We have one choice if government is not conducting 2nd phase, just please extent the joining date of allotment latter and release previous allotment latter once again without counselling, so that some students who has not joined college with any reason they can join previous college only.
    because there is a possibility that students will compromise for same college, instead of wasting one year.
    with this some seats also fill in colleges and you can also save some students education year also.

  6. Government prajala nundi em kavalo adhi time ki vasulu chestadi.
    But prajalaku em kavalo and em ivvalo avvi matram time ki ivvaru and time ki cheyaru…

    Same education vishayam lo kuda idhe jarugutundi.
    Time ki join avvakapote seat cancel chestaru.
    But government time ki conduct cheyakapote vallani adige vallu matram evaru leru.

    Telangana state vachaka inni problems vastayi anukoledhu

      1. Kcr ktr kadiyam andar gasantolle vallanu yem pikalemani valla hundhathanam chupinchukuntunnar students vishayam lo yenni rojulu ma bathukulatho adukuntaro adukondri bidda

    1. Hello government ma badhyatha yevar thiskuntar maku nyayam cheyali compulsery ma bathukulanu buggipalu cheyakundri kastapadi sadhvi rank thechukunnam first counsling lo seat thechukunnam eppud yem cheyali second vuntadhi ani vodhulukunnam chavala mem

  7. What happened to this TELANGANA GOVERNMENT.
    In telangana we have EDUCATION SYSTEM is day by day its going downwards.
    Without any plan the education system is BLINDLY going on.
    There are themselves showing their lazy attitude.
    The ministers who are belongs to education system,we are pleading please CONDUCT 2ND PHASE OF B.Ed.
    Or tell me clearly whether you the government going to conduct or not.
    But please don’t keep this issue in confusion.
    Ma government ki meme beg chese paristithi vachindi
    But we have the right to ask everything.

  8. sir in the month of Oct u said case is in court .when we asked in Nov u said that by december first week we will announce but u gave paper announcement soon we will declare by Jan first week. we kept hopes and we haven’t joined any courses.plz don’t waste our academic year it’s a humble request on behalf of our students plz understand our problem . Don’t make us to feel bad about our newly formed govt.we hope u will understand us.and take decisions and announcement

  9. Cm garu fees reyambersments gurinchi eroj assembly lo matladaru but edcet gurinchi think cheyatle dhini gurinchi matladani varu fees reyambersment esthar ani yem gyaranti plz ma students pblm ardham cheskondri jara plz second phase conduct cheyandi

  10. Still we have time.
    I think it’s better to conduct 2nd phase counseling.
    Or else we will lose one year.
    Who will response for students career.
    still we are facing many problems in education after getting our own state TELANGANA.
    I request you all the ministers of government PLEASE TAKE A DECISION ABOUT 2ND PHASE OF B.ED.
    And give clear information whether you are going to conduct or not.
    If not.. then we will go for another.

  11. Ippatike chala time waste aindi.
    Ippudu kuda decision tiskokapote one year waste avutadi.
    education gurinchi think cheyadaniki ministers ki veelu undadam ledhemo.
    Please try to understand students problem.and conduct 2nd phase as early as possible.
    Thank you

  12. Sirlu jara miranna government ni adugurri sarlu chethakakapothe yem deside ierro cheppamanudri jara maku chethakadhu second counsling ledhani yendhuk sarlu e gvt ma jivithalatho adukuntundhi

  13. Hello sir plz declare cheyandi sir miru counsling vundha ledha ani yendhukala chesthurru sir miru konchem students gurinchi think cheyandi plz twaraga cheppandi sir

  14. Hey frndzzz recently namast etelangana ppr lo may b January lo unde chances unnai annaru kadha…nak telsi ah month lone pedtharankunta

  15. Please tell us 2nd phase counselling dates. We are eagerly waiting for 2nd phase. We are going to waste our time due to late counselling

  16. Sir plz vuntadha ledha counsling yendhuk nansuthurru atlantollu entrens yendhuk pettar exam lekunte yevad sadhuvudhurru b.e.d chadhudhamane inka pg cheyakunda wait chesthune vunnam inka yennallun me mounam

  17. when will be 2nd phase counselling, if we join now will our income certificate work. will university accept our attendance, even more students who are waiting for 2nd phase don’t know new syllabus of 2 year B-ed.
    if students know new syllabus even no literature available in market with different languages.

  18. 6 months passed after councelling. First year fees also paid to collage in july 2016.
    Will b-ed starts this year or not?
    6 months time is wasted.
    Will this b-ed course is going to be 1 year instead of 2 years?

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