Telangana Ed.CET Exam Syllabus 2015

Telangana Ed.CET Exam Syllabus 2015:

Telangana Ed.CET 2015
Syllabus for the subjects under Part-A, Part-B and Part-C of the Education
Common Entrance Test (EDCET)-2015

Part-A: General English

  • Reading Compression.
  • Correction of Sentences, Articles, Prepositions, Tenses, Spelling, Voice.
  • Vocabulary, Synonyms and Antonyms.
  • Transformation of Sentences – Simple, Compound and complex.
  • Direct Speech and Indirect Speech.

Part-B: General Knowledge and Teaching Aptitude

  • Questions shall be designed to test the ability of the candidate’s general knowledge of the environment around him and its application to society.
  • Questions shall also be designed to Test knowledge of current events and of such matters of every day observation and experience in their scientific outlook as is expected of an educated person.
  • The Test shall also include questions relating to India and it’s neighboring Countries especially pertaining to History, Culture, Geography, Ecology, Economics, General Policy and Scientific Research.
  • Teaching requires certain characteristics like ability to communicate, ability to deal with Children, ability to recognise individual differences etc., apart from analytical thinking and general intelligence. One who has these characteristics will be able to become a good teacher after training. Questions relating to these aspects shall be included to test one’s teaching aptitude.

Part-C: Methodology

  • Mathematics.
  • Physical Science (Physics and Chemistry).
  • Biological Science (Botany and Biology).
  • Social Studies (Geography, History, Civics and Economics).
  • English (Special English in B.A).

(For these five subjects Syllabus shall be of graduation level (revised common core degree syllabus) visit official website at www.tsedcet.org).


  1. which books we have to prepare for t.s b.ed two years course my subject is biological science plzzzzzzzzz give me any suggestions basically iam from telugu medium

  2. hello,we are the student writing this together,
    actually the 2years course is really verry hard. in our college not giving a proper detalis which text books v have to prefer and they are saying university not given any books to reffer us,and they are giving many assignments with out providing books and giving much stress.actually the faculty were quite in confusion and they are not understanding how to teach us.
    sir if possible plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make the 2 semister.this is our humble request

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