Important Note for 1st Phase Allotted Candidates

Candidates who are participated in 1st counseling and allotted or not allotted in college are asking a number of doubts. We are receiving a number of doubts from many candidates. Out of them we are listing below most commonly questions asked by them and providing answers for their doubts. We are unable to reply all of their questions. So here you can clear max of their doubts here. We hope these will help you. Still if you have any questions write us in below comment. Before commenting please read all questions and answers carefully. Again dont ask same questions repeatedly.

Not satisfied with allotted college?
Candidates who are not satisfied with allotted college can exercise web options directly without attending certificate verification. As your certificates are already verified in the 1st phase again there is no need to attend certificate verification. You can directly select colleges online using previous details. If you go for 2nd phase, you will loose
seat in 1st phase allotted college and you will not have any choice to join in that again.

If  you are not allotted in any college. What is next?
Candidates who are not allotted in any college can exercise web options once again in 2nd phase. Please dont forget to selecte many colleges during the 2nd phase web counselling. This may bring many chances to get seat in any one of the college.

I have submitted my originals in first phase allotted college can I attend 2nd phase again?
Candidates who have submitted originals in the 1st Phase and reported in allotted college does not have any chance to attend 2nd phase counseling.

What is the Schedule for 2nd Phase Counselling.
2nd Phase counselling dates are not available now. Schedule will be available after the 1st phase counseling process is completed. 1st Phase counselling process completes after the reporting due date in the allotted college. Last date for candidates in their allotted college is 26th Sept, 2015. So, we can expect 2nd phase counseling dates after 28th Sept, 2015.

I was allotted one college in 2nd phase. But Im not satisfied. Again can I go to college which I allotted in 1st Phase?
Candidates who attend 2nd phase will automatically get their 1st phase college seat cancelled. You cannot go to previously allotted college.


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