TS EDCET 2016 2nd Phase Counselling Dates Notification

TS EDCET 2016 2nd Phase Counselling Dates Notification available now. Telangana State has announced Phase-II certificate verification & web options entry dates. All the candidates who are not satisfied or not allotted or not attend web counseling in 1st phase can attend 2nd shift counselling.

The qualified candidates of TS EdCET-2016 Examination who have participated can exercise the web options if required and who have not participated are informed to attend the certificate verification for exercising web options for admission into two years B.Ed. course for the academic year 2016-17 on the dates mentioned against their state-wide rank and methodology, in any one of the below Helpline Centers (HLCs) with all required counselling certificates as detailed below.

Update as on 09th Jan, 2017

Hyderabad A.V College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Gagan Mahal, Hyderabad
Nizamabad Giriraj Government College, Nizamabad.
Warangal Directorate of Admissions, Kakatiya University Campus, Vidyaranyapuri, Warangal.

Eligibility for admission and selection for methodology

Candidates satisfying the following requirements shall be eligible to appear for TSEd.CET-2016.

  1. The Candidates should be Indian National.
  2. The Candidates should satisfy Local/Non-Local status requirements as laid down in the Telangana Educational Institutions (Regulation of Admission) Order 1974 as subsequently amended.
  3. Educational Qualifications:
    Candidates should have secured a minimum of 50% marks either in the Bachelors Degree i.e. B.A./B.Sc./B.Sc. (Home Science)/B.Com./B.C.A./B.B.M and or in the Masters Degree in relevant subject or 5years integrated course in the relevant subject of methodology or any other qualification equivalent thereto. Candidates should have secured a minimum of 55 % marks in B.E/B.Tech with Science/Mathematics as one of the subject or any other qualification equivalent there to, are eligible for admission to the programme However, the candidates belonging to all other reserved categories i.e. S.C., S.T., B.C. (A/B/C/D/E), and Physically handicapped should have secured a minimum of 40% marks in the qualifying examination.

Note: As per the GOMS No: 92, the candidates who passed M.B.B.S/B.D.S/B.A.M.S./B.L/L.L.B/B.A.(Languages)/B.O.L etc. and other such professional courses are not eligible for admission into B.Ed course.

Methodology Eligibility
Mathe Matics Candidates with B.A. / B.Sc. / B.E / B.Tech., with Mathematics as one of the subjects or B.C.A. candidates with Mathematics at Intermediate level as a group subject
Physical Sciences Candidates with B.Sc./ B.E / B.Tech, who have studied Physics and Chemistry or allied material sciences as one of the subjects or B.C.A. candidates with Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry) at intermediate level as a group subject
Biological Sciences Candidates with B.Sc. / B.Sc. (Home Science) who have studied Botany and Zoology or allied Life Sciences under Part II group subjects or B.C.A candidates with Biological Sciences at intermediate level as group subjects
Social Studies All candidates with B.A / B.Com / B.B.M or B.C.A candidates with Social Sciences at intermediate level as a group subject
English Candidates with B.A Special English / B.A English Literature or M.A. English

Fees Details:

  1. Processing Fee to be paid at the time of certificate verification (non refundable) for SC/ST candidates Rs. 250/- and for others Rs. 500/-
  2. The Tuition Fee for Government/University/Aided/ Private Unaided Colleges varies from Rs. 2,700/- to Rs. 20,200/-.
  3. Tuition fee particulars and seats available under Convener Quota College wise will be notified on the website (http://tsedcet.tsche.ac.in/) well before the commencement of counseling (option entry). Tuition Fee and Special Fee as fixed by the Government shall be paid per annum.
  4. The fee reimbursement for eligible candidates is subject to the guidelines issued by the Government from time to time.

** The candidates who have already got their Certificates verified need not attend for Certificate verification once again, they can exercise web options directly.

Certificate Verification Dates Methodology Time From (Rank) To (Rank) Web Options Dates
Available Soon….. Social Studies 9.00 AM 1st 14000 Available Soon…..
1.00 PM 14001 Last Rank
Available Soon….. Biological Sciences 9.00 AM 1st Last Rank Available Soon…..
English 1.00 PM 1st Last Rank
Available Soon….. Mathe Matics 9.00 AM 1st Last Rank Available Soon…..
Physical Science 1.00 PM 1st Last Rank


  1. Respected sir ,
    I have got 331 rank in English methodology in TSED exams 2017 .
    I have already submitted my certificates in 1st counselling ,as I have my SC caste certificate that was issued in my school days but not from MRO . I have already applied for that but it will take some time .I have attened the 2nd counselling and shown them the MEESEVA receipt to the office people but they did not agree to it .Sir as I want to continue my education i would request you to continue my further education . Waiting for your reply
    Yours thankfully

  2. Hey wat the hell is going on
    Is 2 phase counselling to be commencing or to be commenced
    Wen der is election time ull will bost dat we will do dat we will do dis my foot .
    It’s been 1yr n ull dint even star the 2nd counselling wat r ull thinking of ur selfs. What for ull ur children r not suffering na somebody else children 😠
    If ull dont want to perform any counselling den y to announce. Thousands of people are waiting for the 2nd counselling. BUT ULL DON’T BOTHER
    So many people saying plz plz but ull don’t care, y for ull… ull jest hav go sit in the office n shamelessly the govt also paying ull salaries fit for nothing employee’s
    Ull are not working for ur own self ull are working for the people
    Give respect to the work wat ull got n keep the words wat ull announced

    Atleast nw get shame n start the 2nd counselling 😡

  3. Dear frnds

    STRIKE DATE 16-03-2017 time 11:00 AM
    Our last chance andharu Randi 2nd phase poratam lekapothe one year waste avuthundhi plz frnds andharu Randi

  4. Manam OU lo pedda yethuna akkuva mandhi students tho darna cheddam enka last nd final..okokkaru andaram kalisthene manam success aitham. 2nd phase conduct chesetattu govt mida othidi cheyochu frnds plz contact whatsup num 9885006067

  5. Siggu leane education minister down down councling peattanappudu resume minister post ku resign chase gaghulu thodukkone oka mulaku musukone kurchovale trs down down kcr down down kadiem srihare down down

  6. nadhi warangal anna Vidhya shaka manthree KADIAYAM nuvvu pakka vote adaganiki maa villegeki vostavv aapudu E b.ed gurinchi aaduguthaa

  7. Dear frnds

    STRIKE 20-02-2017
    Ou lo frnds

    Manam elane unte 2nd phase veyyaru
    Andharam strike ki veldam success avuthundhi manaku support ga chala nayakulu unnaru manaku kavalasindhi
    Yekkuvaga gather kavali frnds
    Plz contact 8125811601

    1. What happened is second counselling will be conducted or not govt has wasted lot of valuable time of us now what we have to do

  8. హయ్ ఫ్రేండ్స్ మన చదువు గురించి( ts edcet) ప్రభుత్వం ఏ మాత్రం ఆలోచనలు చేయడం లేదు మన సమస్య మనమే ప్రభుత్వం దృష్టికి తీసుకుని వేల్తే గాని మన సమస్యల పట్టి ంచుకోదు ఇంకొక వీషయం ఏంటంటే.2017 కూడ edcet notification లేదు అంటూన్నారు అంటే మనకు రెండు సంవత్సరాలు వేస్ట్ అయే అవకాశం ఉంది ఇంకోటీ ఏంటంటే ఇ 11 colleges అనేవి అ కాలేజీ మరియు ప్రభుత్వం సమస్య కాని మన ప్రభుత్వం అ సమస్యను మనపై రుద్దుతుంది కాబట్టి మేము 20-02-2017 రోజున ధర్నా చేస్తూన్నాము ఇప్పటికీ మించీపోయింది ఏం.లేదు ఫ్రెండ్స్ నిరాశ చేందకుండా ఒకే ఒక్క రోజు.ధర్నా లో అందరూ పాల్గొనండీ మనకూ కచ్చితంగా మంచే జరుగుతుంది మనకు ప్రభుత్వం గురించి తేలియనిది ఏముంది. చేప్పండి మన సమస్య గురించి మనం ముందు కదిలితే తప్ప మన సమస్యల గురించి పట్టించుకోదు చాలా మంది సార్లు కుడా మీ ధర్నా చేస్తే చప్పకుండా ప్రభుత్వం counseling పేడుతుంది అని అంటున్నారు చాలామంది మంచి ర్యాంక్ వచ్చిన వాళ్ళు ఉన్నారు ఇ మేసేజ్ వేస్ట్ అని అనుకోకుండా మన సమస్య మనం తీర్చుకోవాలని రండి ధర్నా కి మేము ఒక వాట్సాప్ group create చేశాం edcet counselingగురించి ఎవరైన ఆ గ్రూప్ లో చేరాలనుకుంటే ఇ నేం.9492209394 conct cheyandi అందరూ వచ్చి ధర్నా ను విజయవంతం చేయాలని కోరుకుంటున్నాను ఒక్కటి మాత్రం నిజం మనకు ఇప్పటి కీ మించిపోయింది ఏం లేదు అందరూ ధర్నా లో పాల్గొంటారని .అనుకుంటున్నాను మేము మీడియా Avbp మీగితా విషయాలు మేం చూసుకుంటాం మీ ఇ అందరివాడు

  9. Dear frnds

    STRIKE 20-02-2017 MONDAY

    Frnds already mem 2nd phase gurinchi strike chesthamani comment pettam chala mandhi frnds maku cl chesaru inka koncham yekkuva students unte chala baguntundhi strike ki yekkuva members unte thondharaga success avuthundhi…plz frnds plz
    Contact 9912323471

    1. Mai management se join hui thi but ab sir bolre counseling nai hoti admission cancel karalo bolre so plz frnds management se bhi admission mat lo

  10. Dear friends

    Today mem BED state council of higher education dept office ki vellam combineren Secretary and chairman garu annaru babu maa chethilo em ledu antha govt chethilo lo undhi
    Govt order esthe memu second counseling condect chestham annaru si chalamandhi students wait chesthunnaru miru miru andharu strike chesthe 2nd phase success aithadhi annaru so man am okkasari strike chesthe manam loss kamu academic year
    Plz contact
    No 9502551203

    Manaki support ga chala mandhi unnaru leaders kuda unnaru oka 40 members students kavali plz frnds e no plz call cheyyandi whatsapp groups kuda unnayi

    1. Hello sumanth
      I support u.but i cannot come to dharna u can go to some b.ed and say them i think they will support .
      Because of my family problem i cannot come there
      I have this last year after this i cannot study
      Plz plz conduct counselling

  11. sir please conform 2nd couselling undha ledha ledu ante we go for management cota already some people go with managment but no use no classes going.

    1. One year is going to be complete sir plz conduct 2nd phase our lives are spoiling sir plzzz understand us one year waste sir plz eppudu ayina conduct cheste manchidi sir

  12. sir,2 phase web option epudu untadi sir, iam not attend that 2nd time verification,nalgonda lo verification epudu untadi sir,plz reply me

  13. 2nd phase pette source unte pettandi lekapothe ledu, edo okati decide cheste memu hope vadlukuni vere join awtham kada, try to understand my prblem, please tell about 2nd phase

  14. hi frends i joined in managmentcota,a colleglo classes run avvatledhu because of 2nd phase delay inntavaraku classes aapinru enka start cheyale maybe e week chusi counsling kakapote mali start chestarata,1st sem date enka raledu,fee date reles chestarata
    1st sem lo only 3 subjects undhai,2nd semlo 2 subjects untai enka seminars,field engegments,assigments rayadam undhundi aadi kuda managmentlo join aina vallu enkka rayadam start cheyale
    lecturers enka time undhi tundarpadi rayakani chepptanru
    dinnipatty ardham emavtudante councling jarge chance enka undi anduke collegeslo classes run avvatle

        1. E government ela cheyadam valla clgs managementlo yekkuva fee aduguthunnar plz sir understand my pblms plz counsling nirvahinchandi ma lifes tho adukokandi plz sir

          1. Methodologies Maths and physics ,psychology of childhood and adolescence, assessment for learning, philosophical perspective of education

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