Important Note for 1st Phase Allotted Candidates

Candidates who are participated in 1st counseling and allotted or not allotted in college are asking a number of doubts. We are receiving a number of doubts from many candidates. Out of them we are listing below most commonly questions asked by them and providing answers for their doubts. We are unable to reply all of their questions. So here you can clear max of their doubts here. We hope these will help you. Still if you have any questions write us in below comment. Before commenting please read all questions and answers carefully. Again dont ask same questions repeatedly.

Not satisfied with allotted college?
Candidates who are not satisfied with allotted college can exercise web options directly without attending certificate verification. As your certificates are already verified in the 1st phase again there is no need to attend certificate verification. You can directly select colleges online using previous details. If you go for 2nd phase, you will loose
seat in 1st phase allotted college and you will not have any choice to join in that again.

If  you are not allotted in any college. What is next?
Candidates who are not allotted in any college can exercise web options once again in 2nd phase. Please dont forget to selecte many colleges during the 2nd phase web counselling. This may bring many chances to get seat in any one of the college.

I have submitted my originals in first phase allotted college can I attend 2nd phase again?
Candidates who have submitted originals in the 1st Phase and reported in allotted college does not have any chance to attend 2nd phase counseling.

What is the Schedule for 2nd Phase Counselling.
2nd Phase counselling dates are not available now. Schedule will be available after the 1st phase counseling process is completed. 1st Phase counselling process completes after the reporting due date in the allotted college. Last date for candidates in their allotted college is 26th Sept, 2015. So, we can expect 2nd phase counseling dates after 28th Sept, 2015.

I was allotted one college in 2nd phase. But Im not satisfied. Again can I go to college which I allotted in 1st Phase?
Candidates who attend 2nd phase will automatically get their 1st phase college seat cancelled. You cannot go to previously allotted college.


  1. i went to the college where i got the allotted seat
    my rank is 823 and college officials are asking for 10,000 RS as confirmation fees for two years course
    and they are saying to pay scholarship amount 16500 by filling a DD……BUT my question is that when government is paying the scholar ship amount to college then why there is a need for student to pay this much of heavy amount………the college authority is saying if we pay DD OF 16,500 then only the seat will be confirmed and in 2017 september the government will pay the scholarship amount to students they are saying like this……….what suggestion would you like to give on this agenda ……please I request you to reply as soon as possilble.
    Thank you

  2. good evening sir i alloted seat in college but i am not satisfied with that college i got the rank 793 in mathematics if i kept in second counselling i will get that college or not please reply me sir

  3. Sir I have attended the counceling recently so when iam going get the allotment details . Can I please inform me the exact date and website

  4. Hello sir i attended the 1st phase of counselling,till now i didn’t get any confirmation allotment to the college or didn’t get any mesage to my mobile ,when i will get the allotment order and where i need to check for the status.

  5. hello sir i am a working for an mnc right now also wouldliketo pursue a course . so can you pls advise me if this is possible – my specialisatio is Mathematics. A local candidate only.

  6. i got 1287 rank in tsedcet-2016..can i get seat..and i had community,nativity&dob certificates of a.p this valid or again we have to take telangana certificates only..

  7. Good Morning Sir,

    i Attend fr 2nd counselling And kept Web Options on 15/10/15-til now i didnot got Any msg Sir
    my methodology is mathematics, and my cast is BC’D’ sir

  8. Good Afternoon Sir,

    i Attend fr 2nd counselling And kept Web Options on 15/10/15-til now i didnot got Any msg Sir
    my methodology is mathematics sir

  9. sir i have selected colleges in 2 phase but i am not able to save it because they are asking for password to save but when i checked my phone for password it is not there.please send the password on my phone to save my options or tell me the solution as early as possible.please sir

  10. sir i have alloted a seat in one of the college in the first phase and I was reported in that college.If I go for 2nd phase my seat will be cancelled please replay me

  11. haiiiii sir .
    good morning i am rooplal guguloth from karimnagr i am waiting for the 2nd pase counciling when it will be start pls send me sms 9440430210.

  12. Good evening sir, I am Bhagya vardhini i got 892 rank in edcet but no college is allocated and when is 2nd councelling starts form

  13. Hi Sir,

    When I saw the web for the first time the counseling date for biological sciences were on 26th and 27th of September 2015, when I checked the status on 13th Sept 2015 the counseling was already done. I am waiting for the 2nd phase counseling please publish the news in news paper or in any mode of media so that we can do not miss it this time.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Karan Singh

  14. good after noon sir
    if i select all the colleges will i get seat my rank is7754 the reason why i am asking those who got more than my rank some of them got the seat and why i can’t get.plz tell me sir i donot know that why i put a question like sorry if i made mistake pardon me. i just want ask u that’s all to know, i hope now 2nd phase surely i will get.everything is in the Gods hand.
    Thank you

  15. hai sir naku 1st phase lo goverment college nagarjunasagar lo vachindhe and join kuda iyya malli eppudu 2nd phase okkate college ou compous pettukunte okavela naku ou lo rakunte .sagar lo seat cannecel ithatda sir my rank is 135

    1. Hi
      it wont be cancel but if you submitted your originals in 1st phase allotted clge your not eligible to do 2nd phase counselling.

  16. Dear Sir,

    I have selected all colleges in web options but I didn’t seat in any college. My rank is 14086, kindly suggest on this plz.

  17. good evening sir, i alloted only 10 colleges in the web option but i didnt get any seat in the college my rank is 5191.can i attend for secound cousling or not or can i directly select the web option please i requesting to give the reply my question.

  18. sir, if seat is not allotted for 5000 to 7000 rank holders so what is the alternate solutions for get the seat.. kindly let us know

  19. Hi Admin,

    I have got seat in a college in first phase counselling and I am eligible for fee reimbursement,but college management is asking to pay full fee at the admission time and they will return the fee if i get reimbursement.Is this true shall i have to pay full fee at admission time only.

  20. I got good rank and seat also in SHDN college but didn’t get fee reimbursement only because of age that is 2&3yrs difference is there but I didn’t paythe fees we r poor family plzzzzz help me in this matter I want to continue mi studies plzzzzz I request u we r waiting ur reply ,god bless u

  21. i have not applied for web options to select the colleges can i get another chance for web options or second web counselling. I got rank 6296 and i went for counselling on 07/09/2015 i submitted all certificates on that day. For selection of colleges they have given one web options letter i doesn,t know how to proceed with web options the last date for web options is 14/9/2015. so ihave not appled for colleges so please help me for second phase web option now i understood from my neighbours to go through web

  22. Sir i have done my studies that is my schooling and intermediate in Telangana state and my graduation was from Tamil Nadu open University will I be a local or non local candidate because during verification I was categoriesed under a non local and here I found in the news paper today that during requirements of Telangana state they mentioned that candidates who done their schooling in Telangana comes under locals. Sir please reply.

  23. sir i have not alloted any seat in any college . do i have to go to help line centers again for certificate verification in 2nd councelling

  24. Hai sir , good morning.

    naku 1st web councling lo 10 colleges a peatanu oka clg lo kuda seat allot avaleadu so please chepandi 2nd web councling appudu untundi plzz rply evandi na rank vocheasi 11118 akada peathea a colleges lo vosthai a side collegespetkovali chepandi sir .

    1. Hai sir , good morning.

      naku 1st web councling lo 10 colleges a peatanu oka clg lo kuda seat allot avaleadu so please chepandi 2nd web councling appudu untundi plzz rply evandi na rank vocheasi 11118 akada peathea a colleges lo vosthai a side collegespetkovali chepandi sir .

  25. If a candidate is not local but residing in hyderabad from the past 10 years after marriage than what are the documents that should be submited during admission

  26. hi.i am not satisfied with the alloted college.i want to go for second counselling.i wanted to know that if i opt for second counselling,will i get the same colleges which i got in the first counselling as my options except the alloted one or will i get other colleges?

  27. Gud evng sir my name is Anusha & my rank is 6630 & my methodology is maths & my caste is oc,I’m not get seat in 1 phase pls tell me sir may I get seat in 2 phase in Mbnr district in gadwal st.Thomas’s college pls give me replay

  28. Dear Admin,

    All the doubts in the above link have been answered beautifully. Thank You. I have a doubt unanswered. I am NON-LOCAL studied my LKG to PG from Vijayawada. Graduation and PG from Nagarjuna University. I belong to OC category with 1857 Rank in Edcet. What is my situation. Will I really get a seat in 2nd councelling? Will I have to go for Management seat? ??Please answer my quire.I need to decide on my college admission.

    Thank You.

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