Green Signal for TS EDCET 2nd (Final) Counselling for B.Ed courses

Update as on 10th Feb, 2017

Update as on 31st Jan, 2017

Update as on 24th Jan, 2017

Update as on 10th Jan, 2017

Green Signal for TS EDCET 2nd (Final) Counselling for B.Ed courses: A very good news for candidates who waiting for TS EDCET 2nd Counselling. Finally Telangana Government decided to conducted 2nd phase B.Ed counseling and gave green signal to conduct Final Phase counselling. As we already informed you that TS ED.CET IInd Phase web counselling will be in the end of Dec, 2016 or Jan first week.

As we already know that High court recently informed TS Govt to conduct 2nd shift counselling, with this effect TSCHE is preparing to conduct certificate verification and web based counselling before 20th Jan, 2017. Official notification is to be released on 12th Jan, 2016 and complete process may complete by the end of this January.

Already classes started on 12th Sept, 2016 for candidates who already joined in colleges by 1st phase counselling. From 23rd Jan, 2017 Special classes will be conducted for candidates who are joining in 2nd phase and 1st & 2nd semester examinations will be conducted at a time.

TS EDCET 2nd Counselling Confirmed

Important Dates (Tentative):

  • 2nd Phase Counselling Notification: 12th Jan, 2017
  • End of Counselling: 20th Jan, 2017
  • Classes starts from: 23rd Jan, 2017

Many candidates are asking us about 2nd phase TS ED.CET counseling. But till yesterday we are not in a position to answer all  you questions because we also didnt have any information regarding the issue. Finally with this news we all your doubts have cleared and you are feeling very happy now. This is a final chance for you guys, dont make any mistakes in counselling and in selecting colleges in web counselling. From now start making list of colleges and get ready for 2nd phase counselling.

“Dont misuse this chance and make use of this opportunity the best. All the best. “

Please keep visiting this website for latest updates. As soon as possible we will inform you the latest information to the best of our knowledge. Still if you have any doubts you can ask in below discussion box (Comment Box).


    1. Fools rascals stupids
      Nothing is there in this stupid government
      Simple decision they cannot take
      No use of this government
      Iam getting mad of it
      How much time do u want
      When will u announce
      Plz plz plz sir now also u have time plz help us

  1. 27000 fee pay cheyamannaru nannu
    1year ke adi tuition fee 19000 nd records fee 8000 total 27000 pay cheyamannaru

    1. Clg ki vella today feb 1st week lo join chesukuntunnaranta but eppud adigithe management 25000 katti join avvamannad second year lo ou ki letter pettukomannad reyambers ment ki

  2. frnds 1phasa lo seat vachina vallaki ade clg nundi cl chesi 2nd chance isthunnaru
    naku clg nundi cl vachindi join avvachu annaru nenu tmrw veltunnanu join avvadaniki

    1. GA kcr ganni niluvugA chirali waist gadu managements ki allow echirranta 70000 fee vadabba babu manaki sampadhichipetinattu manatho adukundu na koduku mana vusurlu vadki thalagaka pov

  3. please sir 2nd counsiling conduct cheyandi..’
    alage already first counccil vallaki kuda exams conduct cheyandi sir please..
    so many are interested in teaching field…
    please encourage their ideas

  4. Kadiyam srihari and kcr sir plz ma life game adakandi….ela anduku cheasthunadunaru…2nd phase unadhooo leadhoo.clarity GA cheapadi….we one year waste cheasaru meru…waste government and waste leaders…telagana anduku vachidhoo anukuntunamu epudu….vachina naku meru ame esthunaru….cheapadi…sir…plz conform cheapadi….

  5. Dear frnds

    Flash news:MANAGEMENT seats confirm kadanta frnds government order evvaledhanta principal ayithe join chesukuntunaru kani confirm seat kadu order eiathe confirm antunaru

    Frnds second phase veyyadaniki strike cheddam yelage ayithe late avuthundhi judgement kuda Postpone chesthunnaru strike cheddam
    Plz contact 9502551203 9912323471 8125811601. 9640655547

  6. Nasmathea saru….kocham ma parsithine ardham cheasukodi….plz…
    Ela students life game adakadi…me votes vesthea meru a chair pai unaruuu…so dhaya cheasi 2nd phase conduct cheayadi…epadike ame kompalu munagaleauuu…chala Mandi students epadike wait cheasthunadu…pl…

    1. hello friends any update for second counseling.plzz friends send me edcet office number so that I join first phase allotments college .

    1. haaa Yaar Archana,Bhavani n Pp Go To first Phase Coleg, N Ask IF U dint GEt mEsge Also ONce U try ..i jOINED cOLLEGE classes NT YEt started. gOO guYS ..ONE Year Compltng NXt Months Xams Itseems

      1. Hi..archana…is it’s true ….if u not get any msg

        We can join in college…meru join iyaara.plz reply me with msg contact 9493571243..

  7. Management lo join avvadaniki clg ke vellanu kani join chesukoledu govt nundi order vaste management lo join chesukuntaranta

    1. i Got Seat In first Phase But I waitng Frm Second Phase ,But Again I goT MSg From Fst Phase College Dat They giving Second Chance To Report College ,I went n Im JOing Frm Tomorrow

  8. Next year edcet vuntunda leda kanisam edinaa clarityga chepadi sir (maa life nundi oka Amulya mina 1year poendi) khaindly request sir please reply sir ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  9. Sir counseling lekapothe fisrt phase lo seet vachina clg lo join chesokondi mari ela students lifetho andhuku adukuntunaru plz sir

  10. @ 2nd Phase Counselling Notification: 12th Jan, 2017
    End of Counselling: 20th Jan, 2017
    Classes starts from: 23rd Jan, 2017

    Respected Sir/Madam, All the dates you given are already gone away, If Counselling starts on 20 Jan You should have given it before 20Jan, and you have Mention That “@ 2nd Phase Counselling Notification: 12th Jan, 2017” but you posted it recently in February, how Can you Post 12th Jan Notification in February.
    By the time you given this message Counselling is also over by January 23rd 2017 itself. I Hope your not trying to mislead us.

  11. What is this
    They are playing with our lifes.
    Can any 1 contact media and say about problem
    Can any of u do these
    Please contact
    And sir we are still waiting
    By seeing our problem
    Please conduct counselling

    Reply me any 1

    1. Yes
      Your right.
      Students lifes suffering about this.
      Plz do something.
      This is tooooooo much.
      TS govt playing with our students studies.

    2. Yevaru manaki help chese vallu leru first a fall chadhuvuki volue ledhu andhuk mana bathukulu ela tayarayyai gvt yendhuk chesthadhi manaki waist na kodukulu andharu lanchalu vosthe chalu anukune bathukulu vallavi dammu dhyryam ekkada chupinchandi mr nayakulara pysa venakku veskovadam kadhu ma bathukulu mundhukela velthayo alochinchandi kastha maryadha thiskondi ma badhani ardham cheskondi plz plz ma year waist cheyakandi ratranaka pagalanaka kastapadi chadhvi rank lu thechukunte makiche viluva edhena chavala memu declare cheyandi kadhu kudadhu anukunte yendhuk silent ga vuntaru

      1. Yendhuk vundi ni padhaviki rajinama cheyu nv ma bathukulatho adukuntunnav chethakani fellow nv students lifes tho adukoni yentha sampadhisthav cm garu

    3. Sir
      Plz tell me
      Counselling are conduct or not
      Plz give me the answer.
      This is about students future.
      Plz think about at.

    4. Do we wasted 1 year
      This is end of my career
      I cannot get another chance
      Please sir try to understand our situation
      Please sir it’s humble request to you
      Please conduct second counselling

      1. Kodhandaram jera manaki vottas palikaru kani yem cheyalaka poindu yentha mamul echukunnaro vallaki vallu clg lu sircar people madya war ki manam balipitalynam

  12. Hey Kya karna hai abhi Kuch samj nhi aara…Kabhi counciling h bolra…Phir clses bhi ….Wt 2 do….???PLz Kuch tou final Karu…

    1. Dhayachesi ma lifes tho adukokandi plz this ours life plz understand my pblms bathuku leka chavaleka vunnam me polititions leaders valka plz i humble request second counsling pettandi kastapadi istanga chadhukuntam plzzzz dayachesi ardham cheskondi sirs

    1. Irresponsibility govt we are the youth we want justice
      We never lose the year nd time plz we are not politistions we are the students this is our life …..

  13. dear friends it will be better to approach TAJC leaders Sri kodandaram’s time to form union of tsedcet students.

    1. New colleges principals please sir signature education minister letter after 2nd please stated (share the comment friends)

  14. sir plz understnd student prblms. okka nimisham aina ma gurinchi alochinchandi. nduku ila matho adukuntunnaru pichi vallala kanipisthunnama miku

    1. Dhonga sarkar dhoskathine sarkar che me bathukulu me padhavi vundhi dhenki ma lifestho adukovadanka na kodakallara intha nichaniki vodikadthar ani anukole chi nichulara

    2. education minister ni target chesi facbook live videos pettandi…ts govt pagelo uploads cheyandi…whatsapp lo videos spread cheyandi social network tho try cheddama friends we want justice we never lose time nd year this is our life

  15. Wt happen no rply nothing. If you are interested send your numbers in comments are else be quite and seet in home.if u want to join then make a group

  16. Already I got a seat in first counselling but Iam not satisfied with that clg so I am wtng for second counselling. Today I went to that clg they are saying me your seat is cancelled if you want to join take in management. Our great Telangana government has cancelled our first seat also

    1. sir oka sari meeru notice em chesaro chuskondi
      anta asalu ento emo

  17. What happen frnds yesterday u people told that making Darna with media but no Darna nothing. We are asking just justice to government nothing also they are saying 50-50chances are there so plz react frnds plz. So plz boys form a union of boys before 25jan.

  18. Plz frnds don’t waste a year. If your interested in second counselling plz make Darna and my contact number is 9985459075. If you are interested plz cal me to make Darna with the support of media otherwise waste one year

  19. What happen frnds no Darna nothing. If we wait for government rply they won’t rply anything so plz frnds form a union and make a Darna at ou with media just go and lock a door of b.ed office and make Darna. By doing these thing they react and give second counselling date are else they cancel plz frnds don’t waste a time. If your interested in second counselling plz react and make a Darna by forming a union

    1. Vundha ledha ani direct ga announc cheyandi yendhuk nansuthurru miru mi gvt chetta ani oppukorri chethakani gvt vundi evanni yendhuk ma jivithaltho adukovadam dhenki pani pata lenolla kanpisthunnama mik atu pg cheyakunda ienam ga mem thu me bathukulu papam thaguluthadhi ma kastanni vrudha chesinandhuk ma time ni waist chesinandhuk dhinki thodpadina prathi okkariki varthisthadhi

  20. Yes frnds kachithanga vijayam sadhinchali e govt manatho aduk untundhi mana bhavishyattu yem avvali anukuntunna mari
    Office daggara strike cheyyali lekunte villu second phase veyyaru 3 months nuchi villu one week antunnaru kani veyyadam ledhu yedho okati cheyyali frnds

  21. Hi! Sidd bro, you are right i will join, all my friends please attend,
    edi mana chivari prayatamga bavinchi mana power choopidam please andaru dayasesi randi edcet office ki tomorrow 9:30 am, mana life lo nudi 1year ne vest kakunda chesukundam andaram unity ga veldam tapakunda vijam sadistam i believeing, trichesdam randi

  22. Now it’s time to show students power.lets gather at tsedcet office with students union’s and media on Monday at 9.30 am on 23 jan.even tell ur friends to join

  23. Good morning adim sir, merina maa paristiti gurinchi education minister gariki cheppandi sir memu andaram 2nd phase schedule kosam edrichoostu vunamu, maa life lo nudi oka amulya mina 1year ne vest cheyakandi sir, maku emicheyalo ardam kavadam ledu depression loki vellasivastundi chala badaga vundi sir chaduvukovadani inta problema egovt anipestundi sir, mapi dayatpalchi merina maa problem clear cheyanmai chepadi sir please i hope. Please reply sir.

  24. Hello, govt &adim garu 2nd phase schedule releases cheyandi sir, e government &education minister and stops am chestunaru miru maa carrier to adukuntunaru maa paristiti begar kante darunaga vundi, variki verina oka Rupai epudu estarani eduru choostaru alge memu e government valla madi same paristiti ga vundi, elanti govt nenu epativaraku na education life lo chudu ledu e government ne choostuvnna students life ante ennta negligence ennduku sir please ma life to games adakandi sir my life request pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

    1. I Cald To Edcet Office THey R saying Dat..Today Court Will Decide about Second Counslng .THy R saying 50 -50 Chances…Chatha Government I wasted My Precious Year ..Thy People Talking Cooly

    2. Government votlakosam matrame biksham aduguthadhi a okkati vesthene manam life long begger la adukkovalsina dhusthithi mana telangana prabutwam valla yerpadindhi yem chestham asalu peoples okka otu kuda veyoddu asalu che intha waist prabhutwani andhulonu telangana ni asal nammakudadhu bangaru telangana kadhu mamalni bikshamettukune la chesthundhi ma bathukulatho adukunela chesthundhi

    3. in eenadu news
      ఎడ్‌సెట్‌ జరిగేనా?
      హైదరాబాద్‌: బీఈడీ కోర్సుల్లో వచ్చే విద్యాసంవత్సరానికి(2017-18) ప్రవేశంకోరుతూ నిర్వహించాల్సిన ఎడ్‌సెట్‌ ప్రవేశ పరీక్ష జరుగుతుందా అన్న అనుమానాలు వ్యక్తమవుతున్నాయి. ప్రస్తుత విద్యాసంవత్సరానికి ఎడ్‌సెట్‌ రెండోదశ కౌన్సెలింగ్‌ నిర్వహణ ఇప్పటికీ కొలిక్కిరాలేదు. హైకోర్టు ఆదేశించినా ప్రభుత్వం కౌన్సెలింగ్‌ నిర్వహణపై నిర్ణయం తీసుకోలేదు. తాజాగా అన్ని ప్రవేశ పరీక్షలకూ కన్వీనర్లను నియమించినా ఎడ్‌సెట్‌కు నియమించలేదు. ఉపాధ్యాయ విద్య అభ్యర్థులు ఏటా 40 వేల మంది బయటకొస్తే ఉద్యోగాలివ్వడం ఎలా సాధ్యమని ఇటీవల ముఖ్యమంత్రి సైతం శాసనసభలో ప్రశ్నించారు. బీఈడీ, డీఈడీ కళాశాలలు కూడా అన్ని అవసరంలేదని ప్రభుత్వం భావిస్తోంది. ఈ అంశాలను పరిశీలిస్తే ఎడ్‌సెట్‌ నిర్వహిస్తారా అన్న సందేహం కలుగుతోంది. అధికారులు సైతం కచ్చితంగా జరుగుతుందని చెప్పలేకపోతున్నారు.

  25. Sir plzzz zz inform us the exact date of 2nd phase.s else clear it sir weather it’s their are not.we are really worried about our future.plz try and people informed that till today web options will b over and from 23rd onwards classes will b start.but till knw No sign of web option plzzzzzzzz response us sir

  26. enduku andharu time weast cheskuntunaru govt green signal echina mana education system sariga ledhu frnds
    okati chepandi feb lo 1st semester undhani vallaki telidha telusu ga mari 2nd counselling intha late chesi 1st&2nd semester okesari pedtharanta specail classes malli ha vache clg ekkadostundho kuda telidhu asalu vastundho radho kuda telidhu malli evarini ante emundhi systeme correct lenapudu weast govt nijam ga asalu first time anukunta ela avadam degree pass aye kuda weast fail ayina vallatho samanam ga intlo kurchunam eppudu em chestunav ani evaraina adigithe chepina nammatam ledhu telusa
    asalu clgs start cheyalani lenapudu enduku entrence petaro ardam kavatledhu
    pls em chestunaru asalu 2nd phase unte undhani chepandi lekapothe ledhani chepandi anthe gani ela pedtham ani malli em chepakunda undakandi plzzzz sirrr i beg u……

    1. Yaa chetta government comedy chesthundhi mana lifes tho adukuntundhi nijamga pettevallythe pettali ga yendhuk e nanganachi games nijamga government students gurinchi pattinchukunte epatiki pettedhi

      1. em cheyalanukuntunaro correct ga chesthe intha problem avadhu manam urukuntunam kabtte vellu mana tho adukuntunaru vellaki manam pichola kanpistunam
        chepedhi okati chesedhokati inkoti chaa asalu chala kopam ga undhi ee education system paina

  27. Dear admin,

    kindly provide the proper info regarding second counselling bcoz as we visit A.V PG COLLEGE on
    19-01-17 they replied that no such counsellings are conducting!!!!!!!

  28. Admin,.
    Sir second phase counseling realise cheyyandi sir maa jeevathalatho anukuntunnaru govt green signal echindhi kada yendhuku late plz release cheyandi maa life lu waste avuthayi

  29. tough court gave green signal to conduct councelling.which is head for the why u people making delay,are u making fun of us or what.

  30. Admin garu yemindhi asalu counsiling mana ts prabuthwam anna matalu yendhuk nilabettukolekapothundhi che waist prabuthwam vidyasawnsthalu anni down down che waist gvt

  31. Already …i went certificate verification in 1st phase….2nd phase counciling ki malli certificate verification cheyinchala….avasaram leda…web options eppatinundi frnds plsss….give information

  32. Hey 2nd phase counselling dates isthara ivvara high Court order wise veltha annaru kadha what happened ah ippattiki inka dates release cheyale we have only few days…phns kuda switch off petkuntaru landline ki chesthe ni response…m ankuntunnaru mirasal ah… 12th annaru today 17th there is no update nd no info… kindly requesting you sir please update the dates as soon as early

    1. Plz sir iam kindly REQUESTS sir
      Plz don’t make distance web counselling. ???
      I want web counselling sir.
      WE ARE WAITING your answer.
      Plz reply

  33. Sir when be the second phase counselling date. Second counselling is they are not if they then please reply me a date. Already you have informed us counselling will be before 20 Jan but upto now there is no information. Iam wtng for your rply

  34. Please provide the counselling dates in web options and provide an numbers for clear information time goven vary less to us no information provide in web option

  35. Hi All,

    I have passed my bsc in supplymentary, results realeased just few days before.. Please advice me can i rake admission in BED via Counselling or management..

    Thanks in advvance..

    1. asalu 2nd councelling notification vachindha? ledha? 12th jan ki release avvudhi annaru? asal updates m levu kadha. when will be we are allowed to gve web options?

  36. My rank is 631 in social studies. I am oc and non local also. Can I get seat in any college ? plz I am worried about it.

  37. I want to know the details of Bed where n how can I get the forms and is there any exam for Bed …..can anyone help me with this info …?

  38. Good afternoon sir.
    In FIRST PHASE, I did not got seat in BIOLOGY . So in SECOND PHASE I must attend or not for any for the certificate verification.

  39. Gdafter nun sir I got already seat in 1st phase i joined clg but not satisfied in clg 2nd phase web option choice plz rply me ra

      1. all students are happyly thank u for anouncing the date 12th jan but still u cant relese that now all students angryly waiting for u r reply give us ansewr why should govt is careless about edcet student releas the date,if u dont so clearly tell us that there is no councling,,
        we are in counfusion 2nd phase is there are not tell us clearly

      2. sir if thir is no 2nd phase then why should u keep dates above 12th jan,
        why should u avoiding and waisting our time and also ur time tell us clearly

      3. ippativaraku requsting ga adginam kani eippud demandingga adgutunnam miru clearity ivvakapote students power asl ento chupistam, students ankunte govt mottam colipotadi

      1. Dont give answers if you don’t know properly, Verify facts giving reply.Read TSCHE EDCET rules propely before giving reply or keep quiet.People who joined in first counselling are alo eligible.So shut your mouth..if you dont know.

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