TS EDCET 2016 2nd Phase Counselling Dates Notification

TS EDCET 2016 2nd Phase Counselling Dates Notification available now. Telangana State has announced Phase-II certificate verification & web options entry dates. All the candidates who are not satisfied or not allotted or not attend web counseling in 1st phase can attend 2nd shift counselling.

The qualified candidates of TS EdCET-2016 Examination who have participated can exercise the web options if required and who have not participated are informed to attend the certificate verification for exercising web options for admission into two years B.Ed. course for the academic year 2016-17 on the dates mentioned against their state-wide rank and methodology, in any one of the below Helpline Centers (HLCs) with all required counselling certificates as detailed below.

Update as on 09th Jan, 2017

Hyderabad A.V College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Gagan Mahal, Hyderabad
Nizamabad Giriraj Government College, Nizamabad.
Warangal Directorate of Admissions, Kakatiya University Campus, Vidyaranyapuri, Warangal.

Eligibility for admission and selection for methodology

Candidates satisfying the following requirements shall be eligible to appear for TSEd.CET-2016.

  1. The Candidates should be Indian National.
  2. The Candidates should satisfy Local/Non-Local status requirements as laid down in the Telangana Educational Institutions (Regulation of Admission) Order 1974 as subsequently amended.
  3. Educational Qualifications:
    Candidates should have secured a minimum of 50% marks either in the Bachelors Degree i.e. B.A./B.Sc./B.Sc. (Home Science)/B.Com./B.C.A./B.B.M and or in the Masters Degree in relevant subject or 5years integrated course in the relevant subject of methodology or any other qualification equivalent thereto. Candidates should have secured a minimum of 55 % marks in B.E/B.Tech with Science/Mathematics as one of the subject or any other qualification equivalent there to, are eligible for admission to the programme However, the candidates belonging to all other reserved categories i.e. S.C., S.T., B.C. (A/B/C/D/E), and Physically handicapped should have secured a minimum of 40% marks in the qualifying examination.

Note: As per the GOMS No: 92, the candidates who passed M.B.B.S/B.D.S/B.A.M.S./B.L/L.L.B/B.A.(Languages)/B.O.L etc. and other such professional courses are not eligible for admission into B.Ed course.

Methodology Eligibility
Mathe Matics Candidates with B.A. / B.Sc. / B.E / B.Tech., with Mathematics as one of the subjects or B.C.A. candidates with Mathematics at Intermediate level as a group subject
Physical Sciences Candidates with B.Sc./ B.E / B.Tech, who have studied Physics and Chemistry or allied material sciences as one of the subjects or B.C.A. candidates with Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry) at intermediate level as a group subject
Biological Sciences Candidates with B.Sc. / B.Sc. (Home Science) who have studied Botany and Zoology or allied Life Sciences under Part II group subjects or B.C.A candidates with Biological Sciences at intermediate level as group subjects
Social Studies All candidates with B.A / B.Com / B.B.M or B.C.A candidates with Social Sciences at intermediate level as a group subject
English Candidates with B.A Special English / B.A English Literature or M.A. English

Fees Details:

  1. Processing Fee to be paid at the time of certificate verification (non refundable) for SC/ST candidates Rs. 250/- and for others Rs. 500/-
  2. The Tuition Fee for Government/University/Aided/ Private Unaided Colleges varies from Rs. 2,700/- to Rs. 20,200/-.
  3. Tuition fee particulars and seats available under Convener Quota College wise will be notified on the website (http://tsedcet.tsche.ac.in/) well before the commencement of counseling (option entry). Tuition Fee and Special Fee as fixed by the Government shall be paid per annum.
  4. The fee reimbursement for eligible candidates is subject to the guidelines issued by the Government from time to time.

** The candidates who have already got their Certificates verified need not attend for Certificate verification once again, they can exercise web options directly.

Certificate Verification Dates Methodology Time From (Rank) To (Rank) Web Options Dates
Available Soon….. Social Studies 9.00 AM 1st 14000 Available Soon…..
1.00 PM 14001 Last Rank
Available Soon….. Biological Sciences 9.00 AM 1st Last Rank Available Soon…..
English 1.00 PM 1st Last Rank
Available Soon….. Mathe Matics 9.00 AM 1st Last Rank Available Soon…..
Physical Science 1.00 PM 1st Last Rank


  1. Respected sir ,
    I have got 331 rank in English methodology in TSED exams 2017 .
    I have already submitted my certificates in 1st counselling ,as I have my SC caste certificate that was issued in my school days but not from MRO . I have already applied for that but it will take some time .I have attened the 2nd counselling and shown them the MEESEVA receipt to the office people but they did not agree to it .Sir as I want to continue my education i would request you to continue my further education . Waiting for your reply
    Yours thankfully

  2. Hey wat the hell is going on
    Is 2 phase counselling to be commencing or to be commenced
    Wen der is election time ull will bost dat we will do dat we will do dis my foot .
    It’s been 1yr n ull dint even star the 2nd counselling wat r ull thinking of ur selfs. What for ull ur children r not suffering na somebody else children 😠
    If ull dont want to perform any counselling den y to announce. Thousands of people are waiting for the 2nd counselling. BUT ULL DON’T BOTHER
    So many people saying plz plz but ull don’t care, y for ull… ull jest hav go sit in the office n shamelessly the govt also paying ull salaries fit for nothing employee’s
    Ull are not working for ur own self ull are working for the people
    Give respect to the work wat ull got n keep the words wat ull announced

    Atleast nw get shame n start the 2nd counselling 😡

  3. Dear frnds

    STRIKE DATE 16-03-2017 time 11:00 AM
    Our last chance andharu Randi 2nd phase poratam lekapothe one year waste avuthundhi plz frnds andharu Randi

  4. Manam OU lo pedda yethuna akkuva mandhi students tho darna cheddam enka last nd final..okokkaru andaram kalisthene manam success aitham. 2nd phase conduct chesetattu govt mida othidi cheyochu frnds plz contact whatsup num 9885006067

  5. Siggu leane education minister down down councling peattanappudu resume minister post ku resign chase gaghulu thodukkone oka mulaku musukone kurchovale trs down down kcr down down kadiem srihare down down

  6. nadhi warangal anna Vidhya shaka manthree KADIAYAM nuvvu pakka vote adaganiki maa villegeki vostavv aapudu E b.ed gurinchi aaduguthaa

  7. Dear frnds

    STRIKE 20-02-2017
    Ou lo frnds

    Manam elane unte 2nd phase veyyaru
    Andharam strike ki veldam success avuthundhi manaku support ga chala nayakulu unnaru manaku kavalasindhi
    Yekkuvaga gather kavali frnds
    Plz contact 8125811601

    1. What happened is second counselling will be conducted or not govt has wasted lot of valuable time of us now what we have to do

  8. హయ్ ఫ్రేండ్స్ మన చదువు గురించి( ts edcet) ప్రభుత్వం ఏ మాత్రం ఆలోచనలు చేయడం లేదు మన సమస్య మనమే ప్రభుత్వం దృష్టికి తీసుకుని వేల్తే గాని మన సమస్యల పట్టి ంచుకోదు ఇంకొక వీషయం ఏంటంటే.2017 కూడ edcet notification లేదు అంటూన్నారు అంటే మనకు రెండు సంవత్సరాలు వేస్ట్ అయే అవకాశం ఉంది ఇంకోటీ ఏంటంటే ఇ 11 colleges అనేవి అ కాలేజీ మరియు ప్రభుత్వం సమస్య కాని మన ప్రభుత్వం అ సమస్యను మనపై రుద్దుతుంది కాబట్టి మేము 20-02-2017 రోజున ధర్నా చేస్తూన్నాము ఇప్పటికీ మించీపోయింది ఏం.లేదు ఫ్రెండ్స్ నిరాశ చేందకుండా ఒకే ఒక్క రోజు.ధర్నా లో అందరూ పాల్గొనండీ మనకూ కచ్చితంగా మంచే జరుగుతుంది మనకు ప్రభుత్వం గురించి తేలియనిది ఏముంది. చేప్పండి మన సమస్య గురించి మనం ముందు కదిలితే తప్ప మన సమస్యల గురించి పట్టించుకోదు చాలా మంది సార్లు కుడా మీ ధర్నా చేస్తే చప్పకుండా ప్రభుత్వం counseling పేడుతుంది అని అంటున్నారు చాలామంది మంచి ర్యాంక్ వచ్చిన వాళ్ళు ఉన్నారు ఇ మేసేజ్ వేస్ట్ అని అనుకోకుండా మన సమస్య మనం తీర్చుకోవాలని రండి ధర్నా కి మేము ఒక వాట్సాప్ group create చేశాం edcet counselingగురించి ఎవరైన ఆ గ్రూప్ లో చేరాలనుకుంటే ఇ నేం.9492209394 conct cheyandi అందరూ వచ్చి ధర్నా ను విజయవంతం చేయాలని కోరుకుంటున్నాను ఒక్కటి మాత్రం నిజం మనకు ఇప్పటి కీ మించిపోయింది ఏం లేదు అందరూ ధర్నా లో పాల్గొంటారని .అనుకుంటున్నాను మేము మీడియా Avbp మీగితా విషయాలు మేం చూసుకుంటాం మీ ఇ అందరివాడు

  9. Dear frnds

    STRIKE 20-02-2017 MONDAY

    Frnds already mem 2nd phase gurinchi strike chesthamani comment pettam chala mandhi frnds maku cl chesaru inka koncham yekkuva students unte chala baguntundhi strike ki yekkuva members unte thondharaga success avuthundhi…plz frnds plz
    Contact 9912323471

    1. Mai management se join hui thi but ab sir bolre counseling nai hoti admission cancel karalo bolre so plz frnds management se bhi admission mat lo

  10. Dear friends

    Today mem BED state council of higher education dept office ki vellam combineren Secretary and chairman garu annaru babu maa chethilo em ledu antha govt chethilo lo undhi
    Govt order esthe memu second counseling condect chestham annaru si chalamandhi students wait chesthunnaru miru miru andharu strike chesthe 2nd phase success aithadhi annaru so man am okkasari strike chesthe manam loss kamu academic year
    Plz contact
    No 9502551203

    Manaki support ga chala mandhi unnaru leaders kuda unnaru oka 40 members students kavali plz frnds e no plz call cheyyandi whatsapp groups kuda unnayi

    1. Hello sumanth
      I support u.but i cannot come to dharna u can go to some b.ed and say them i think they will support .
      Because of my family problem i cannot come there
      I have this last year after this i cannot study
      Plz plz conduct counselling

  11. sir please conform 2nd couselling undha ledha ledu ante we go for management cota already some people go with managment but no use no classes going.

    1. One year is going to be complete sir plz conduct 2nd phase our lives are spoiling sir plzzz understand us one year waste sir plz eppudu ayina conduct cheste manchidi sir

  12. sir,2 phase web option epudu untadi sir, iam not attend that 2nd time verification,nalgonda lo verification epudu untadi sir,plz reply me

  13. 2nd phase pette source unte pettandi lekapothe ledu, edo okati decide cheste memu hope vadlukuni vere join awtham kada, try to understand my prblem, please tell about 2nd phase

  14. hi frends i joined in managmentcota,a colleglo classes run avvatledhu because of 2nd phase delay inntavaraku classes aapinru enka start cheyale maybe e week chusi counsling kakapote mali start chestarata,1st sem date enka raledu,fee date reles chestarata
    1st sem lo only 3 subjects undhai,2nd semlo 2 subjects untai enka seminars,field engegments,assigments rayadam undhundi aadi kuda managmentlo join aina vallu enkka rayadam start cheyale
    lecturers enka time undhi tundarpadi rayakani chepptanru
    dinnipatty ardham emavtudante councling jarge chance enka undi anduke collegeslo classes run avvatle

        1. E government ela cheyadam valla clgs managementlo yekkuva fee aduguthunnar plz sir understand my pblms plz counsling nirvahinchandi ma lifes tho adukokandi plz sir

          1. Methodologies Maths and physics ,psychology of childhood and adolescence, assessment for learning, philosophical perspective of education

  15. Hello Everyone

    As per OU old Almanac 2nd February is last working day for 1st semester students. Osmania university is supposed to conduct B. Ed 1st semester exams in the month of February but exams are going to be postponed to March. As roll numbers and identity cards are not yet generated because of the delay in 2nd counselling.. Without the hall ticket numbers they can’t commence exams for 1st semester students..

    still they have not made any decision for 2nd counselling as they are planning to make B.Ed back to one year course. If they do so it’s a loss for both the students who have already joined and who are still waiting to join…

    hence, New almanac is going to be generated this week and 1st Semester exams are being postponed…

    Government is with students. They will come out with best solutions which is best for all students.. I know it’s been delayed and one semester is completed in all the colleges.. but they are fighting for our cause only..

    and all students those who are waiting please visit nearby colleges for completing the writing part of records, assignment, etc., don’t waste your time.
    Buy JB series, Dominion publications study material and start studying for final exams..

    Subjects for 1st semester:
    Philosophy of education
    Psychology of childhood and adolescence
    Assessment for learning
    Pedagogy of method 1
    Pedagogy of method 2

    Because once 2nd counselling is over they are planning to conduct final exams directly… so go grab the books and start preparing for exams…

    Management seat they are charging 50k per semester and its not the worth to join now as already one whole semester is over… better join some other course.. it’s my opinion..

    If you are from Hyderabad and planning for management seat then you can opt for Ghulam Ahmed, st. Ann’s, Andhra Mahila sabha… these colleges have good faculty… these are worth to pay and join management at Hyderabad currently..

    All the best friends

    1. Professional teaching course students k nyayam cheyakapothe vereey students ki em nyayam chestaru em lessons cheptaru Villu ……pitty on our Telangana students

    2. Hi netra

      What we have to do now can u say us
      If we wait can counselling will be held
      Who are responsible for our year
      Sometime they so counselling will be held
      Sometimes no counselling
      Playing with students life

  16. sir plz bed counseling untada undada declaruga cheppandi memu vere cors chesukuntam plz ma jivithalatho adukokandi sir

    1. Hi Friends, Govt would like appeal in Supreme count against the High decision. so it is waste of time and go for other option.. don’t wait for it…

      Already Private Collage mgt had met concerned department in the last week,they given same reply..
      Don’t waste your time and academic year…

  17. notla radduku support chesyadam kadhu students ki support cheyandi cm sir counseling pettandi ledante eligble vallaki seat allot cheyandi

  18. hi frends there is no 2nd phase plz dont west u r 1year go and join managmentkotha
    else we lose one year degree pas aaina kuda mem 1year kolipotham

    1. Afreen Miku amount untadi join avtaru Mary what about below poverty student suggestion bane undi amount matram ledu any new idea

          1. yes ican
            i join in peddapelly trinity colleg at managmentseat, just u came with yr parent and talk with pricipal sir and join

  19. 2nd counselling pettakapothe 1st counsellinglo seat allot aina varini cherchukondi. Lenichi maku ala handle cheyalo teliyaledani raginama petti digipondi.

    1. CLg latho sambandham yenti cherchukondi vurkondi maku matram seat allotment cheyandi first a fall wts dg gvt entrence yendhuk pettaru buddhi ledha apud gaddi thindha mi burralu ashalu vodhulukunevallam yedho okati chesevallam makendhuk intha duradrustam patgindhi mi valla ma bathukulatho adukokandi

  20. ఇలాంటి వాళ్లను రోడ్ల మీద పరిగేత్తిచ్చి పరిగేత్తిచ్చి కోట్టాలి చేత్త నా కోడుకులు ఇ ప్రభుత్వం ఎక్కడ దొరికిందిరా మన కర్మ కు

    1. Real this gvrnment waist paramanichulu dog lu vishwasanga vuntai kani villaku vundadhu noru kadhu mori valladhi musi pravahisthundhi valla norlalo chi chetta gallu mata nilabettukondi second counsling betti nichulara

        1. Yes…u r crct…education minister ni target chesi facbook live videos pettandi…ts govt pagelo uploads cheyandi…whatsapp lo videos spread cheyandi

  21. Hi friends.I think it’s waist to wait for 2nd phase.I called edcet office.the guy is saying not sure.less chances.worst govt.i can’t even waist my words on govt.it spoil my 1 year.it don’t desrve it. Worst govt.

    1. Hi frnd.
      thr is no 2 phase counseling. Bcoz on feb b. ed 1yr exms r started. For thz y thy had cancel 2 phase. Better we wait for nxt yr.

    2. Such a waste nd irresponsible government… they wasted such a precious time of students.. what it matters for them… it’s we who r suffering.. guys… take it light. It’s better if v don’t hope much for 2nd counseling. If they didn’t wanted to conduct the 2nd phase, why did they change the notification on websites and created hopes within us again at the end when we gave up I don’t understand… such a rock minded ppl… playing with students feelings nd carrier…

  22. Really worst phase of Telanagana Govt. and failure for telangana leaders who could not able to handle such a small issue and do justice to students. Leave the justice.. let it go to hell.. atleast they should have informed beforehand about second counselling that will not happen.. In recent news they even mentioned about coming edcet entrance exam date……

  23. 2nd phase asalu undha ledha chepandi sir.. dear frnds this is deputy cm kadiyam srihari sir num 9849488911 cal chesi adagandi sir ni

      1. Deputy cm office num ki cal chesanu valladagari asalu file raledanta. 90% 2nd phase undadhu ani chepparu.. inka court issue clear avaledanta.miru kuda cal chesi adagandi 04023459922

        1. ఓహో అలాగ మీకు సీటు వచ్చి కూడా join kaledu మేం కొన్ని కారణాల వల్ల మేం counseling ki attend kaledu maa పరిస్థితి ఏంటమ్మా మరి

  24. i am b.sc(b.z.c) graduate and my optional subjecs are biotechnology,chemistry,computer applications and my rank in edcet is 1285 ..can i get admission in to b.ed course in 2nd counselling..plz..let..me..know about it

  25. Sir when is 2nd phase counselling .My rank is 631 in social studies. Can I get seat? I am OC and non local also. Plz help me.

  26. Hyderabad High Court directs Telangana to grant permission to 11 B.Ed colleges
    Published Jan 7, 2017, 12:42 am ISTUpdated Jan 7, 2017, 4:17 am IST
    These 11 colleges had secured approval from the National Council for Teachers Education to offer the B.Ed course.
    Hyderabad High Court
    Hyderabad High Court
    Hyderabad: The High Court on Friday directed the government to grant permission to 11 B.Ed. colleges, having about 600 seats, belonging to petitioners, in line with the orders of a single judge. It directed the state universities to grant affiliation to these colleges.

    These 11 colleges had secured approval from the National Council for Teachers Education to offer the B.Ed course, but the government had withheld permission.

    SC: State can’t reject permission
    A single judge had told the government to allow the colleges, following which it had challenged the order.

    A division bench comprising acting Chief Justice Ramesh Ranganathan and Justice A. Shankar Narayana was dismissing the writ appeals moved by the state government.

    Justice M.S. Ramachandra Rao, the single judge, had earlier directed the TSCHE to include the petitioner colleges in the second phase of web counselling for allotment of students in B.Ed courses for 2016-17 in view of the recognition granted to them by the National Council for Teachers Education.

    The bench concurred with the findings of the single judge that the government had no power to reject the prayer of an institution for grant of permission or to overrule the decision of the national council.

    The judge had said, “Once the NCTE has granted recognition, it is deemed and implied that it has satisfied itself that the institution in question has adequate financial resources, accommodation, library, qualified staff and laboratory required for proper functioning of the institution for a course or training in teacher-education.”

    The judge ruled that it was not open to the government to refuse permission to the petitioners on the ground that the colleges did not have adequate qualified staff.

    Justice Ramachandra Rao had passed the orders on a batch of petitions by managements of private B Ed colleges questioning the refusal of affiliation by the universities on the ground that the TS government had not issued a GO granting permission under Section 20 of the AP Education Act, 1982, as adopted by the TS government.

    The 11 B.Ed colleges including KRK Reddy College of Education, K. Narayana Memorial College of Education, Alexander B.Ed College, Sri Venkateswara College of Education, Vidyarthi College of Education, Apoorva College of Education, Shatavaha College of Education, Sri Aurobindo College of Education Shree Vashista B.Ed College, Chandana B.Ed College, Don Bosco College of Education and Rakesh B.Ed College, had moved the High Court.

    Tags: hyderabad high court

  27. hi all, if we are still thiniking that second phase counselling will be done, its our foolishness. Already 1st phase counselling joined students are going to write exams in this feb.They would have clearly mentioned about 2nd phase counselling that it will not happen. Unneccessarily wasted students time and brought frustration in their hopes. Whatever may be the circumstances, it would have been good if they would have guided so many students who are awaiting for 2nd phase counselling to not wait. We trusted and the colleges including government fooled us and ruined our precious time. Its for name sake they gave advertisement that so called govt leaders or colleges will look into this and sort. Actually no one is worried about this issue and they are very much cool aitting in their offices fitted with AC.

  28. dear sir! when did put the notification in of 2nd councelling, kindly consider our problem other wise we will loss a academic year

    1. Hi vineetha n hello everyone,
      Plz don’t get panic abt second phase counselling.. From today b.ed colleges have been stopped working as there is no confirmation abt second phase.its been mentioned in yday news paper tat b.ed classes wil be taken only after second phase counselling.

      Thanks n regards,

    1. college lo internal , exteranal and record (engegment ,assement) raytam aipoyie epudu join aina west and 1st phse valu dec 16 nunchi school lo obedrvation ki velli [email protected] school lo 2nd year student unnaru malli velli obserchyadem @BE.d 2 years planing nt correct @better 1 year @@@@@ diniki patinchukodam ldu .My Name is Nagaraju 8885250111

  29. asalu meru eme anukuntunaru adechpande.meru ade chapetha maku tension free ovuthamu.lakunta mamu ramakrishna gound ke contact chshamu.o ka kadu kone vala mande ni ovumaninchenatuavuthunde.sir,dahachase b.ed seats,dates . chapande.


    1. Hi Kallem,

      Good Day!! as you wrote a msg that we can form an group for edcet, and we will go to edcet office to know more about second counselling details , but when i send you a msg in your whats up they is no response from ur side. so please next time on words dont write any msg which hurts other feelings.

  31. Second Counseling is expected to start after Nov 15th

    Classes are started in all the colleges

    Assignment and Engagement works are also given to the students.

    I already got seat in first counseling

    As the college didn’t had proper faculty I am waiting for 2nd counseling

    But now I am feeling I did a big mistake waiting for 2nd counseling

    Please don’t wait, Download the 2016 new syllabus from the OU website and start studying because 1st semester exams will be in February an once you get a seat after 2nd counseling you will not have time to study and submit all assignments on time.

    Also there is shortage of B.Ed text books in the market as the Syllabus is changed last year.

    And B.Ed is a 2 years course till 5years. After 5years only they can change it again to 1year course it is a Central Govt rule.

    So don’t get excited and don’t waste more time.


    1. Thank you Netra for the information, we are very glad to see that someone cared about us, while we are still eagerly waiting for the 2nd phace co……..

      Thank you!
      Thumbs up!!!!!!!!
      All the very best to you😀

    2. Hi Netra,

      I really appreciate the way you gave the feedback.

      Can we confirm about second consulling date on 15/11/2016.

    3. Ur right but we didn’t submit our allotment in my 1st clg nd some people are didn’t get any clg in the 1st phase then how can we Start preparation….

  32. Guys its getting worse day by day, and they are not even giving correct Information, thus we will directly go to make dharna in front of Sri B.R Ambedkar statue(tank bond) with a Banner regarding Admission,

    Automatically media, high court, convenor, and whoever it is all will be stunned! I’m ready to go forward

    And guys believe me this is the best and Fastest way to express ourself’s what really is the students power!

    Call me before its late( 9642414129) Ramakrishna goud, waiting for your support!

    Telangana Govt lo oka student ki preference ivakapothe aa student nduku inka!

    1. Yes Ramakrishna you took correct decision

      it is more than enough our patient.let’s do something and show our students power they should know students power and courage we are supports you

      Please support Every body and reply to Rama krishna’s msgs just type like and expose your acceptance

    2. it is more than enough our patient. Let’s do something and show our students power they should know students power and courage we are supports you

      Please support every body and reply to Ramakrishna’s mags just type like and expose your acceptance

  33. Hi friends I think they are not at all looking into our msgs we should do something for ourselves someone said that we shall contact the media plz do that and all of us must support

  34. Sir, Plz Announce 2nd phase web options dates. we are waiting for that… and give minimum information.. 2nd phase counselling undha ledha. unte date announce cheyandi. lekapothe 2nd phase ledhani chepandi…..

    1. asalu waste ga b.ed etrance rasam anpistundhi entha wait chestunte antha late chestunaru one year weast inka eppudem cheyaleni paristhithi inka e one year weste ayenate degree pass aye kuda intlo kurchovalasi vastundhi

  35. 2nd cousling unda ledha sir one yr waste ithadi sir Nov kuda ochesindi vere course Ana apply chskunte kada sir ado oka information evandi sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. hello guys, I think the b.ed will be a 1year course from this 2016 that’s why they are doing late because we had written the entrance exam on may 27 and the year is going to be complete in a couple of days still now we didn’t get any notification regarding 2nd phase counselling. so guys let us fight to make this b.ed as a 1year course to compensate our loss..

  36. Yes guys… That would b the best… let we all of us contact the media for this issue… it has been already very late… let us try in this way at least… please cooperate guys… nd come forward to bring this act of approaching media into progress… let we all step forward for our rights…

    1. Yes let’s inform to media
      this is Hyderabad eenadu news editors number 040-23318181, Mr.Mallanna 9000180611(somajiguda Hyd)

  37. Asalem jaruguthundi, Students quetions ki enduku answer eyyatledu seats leva ?? leka 2nd counciling vundi anadam trash ahh?? Govt ment officers ravatledha ?? theliyatle 1 year vest chesukondi

  38. Sir ma msgs ki respond avvandi ledha memu media ni press ni contact avalsi untadh sir….give me information about 2nd phase counselling otherwise we vl go in our way it’s not worning it’s our request…try to understand our situation…we have lot of fear of we loss one year so kindly provide 2nd phase counselling dates

      1. Sir if we are not submitted some of the original certificates in first counseling we need to attend for second counseling plzzzz reply as soon as possible


  40. Sir BED chedham ani MBA seat vachina join kale ippudu Meru 2nd counseling date kuda announce cheyyaledu ippudu BED seatu rakunte edhi kuda chadhavakunda kaliga one year waste chyyyali……mevall naku Chala problem aindhi.enduku intha late chestunnru asslu Meru 2nd phace…..eppudu announce chestru plz tell me sir……..

  41. enti sir asalu 2nd counseling petalanukuntunara ledha
    e year clg petakudadhanukuna vallu asalu etrance exam enduku petaru mundhe petakunda undunte edhantha undedhi kadhu kadha
    oka veshayam entha mandhi students adugutunaru kadha meru oka msg ki kuda rply evatleru asalu meru ma msgs chestunara ledha plzzz sir chala late aindhi eppatke enduku ela addukuntunaru meme dorikama meku

    1. Its too enough now
      Any one of them inform to press or media they i will handlw them in their own way
      These peoples are not at all responding our calls….its tooo______
      Waste government
      What is the use of getting telangana
      Rubbish people

  42. Guys….!!! Is their any information about second counseling…??? It was told by one of the student that it might b conducted today right…??? But it’s not… if anyone know about it please kindly share with all of us…

  43. Hey miku yela matladalo kuda telidha… responsible madhi kadhu annatlu matladthunnaru…Antha rude ga matladthunnaru kadha mundhu 2nd phase counselling date announce cheyandi adhi cheyaru ma lives tho adkuntaru paiga mammalne tidthunnaru phn chesthe waste Edcet Office system

  44. hi,its me Farha sir i missed my first phase counseling due to some reason.can you please tell me when you people are planning to conduct second phase counseling.please sir update the dates as soon as possible as i don’t want to miss it this time..thank you..waiting for your response..

  45. hai eveyone…
    DR.B.R AMBEDKAR B.ED councelling stars at nov 2 to 4th
    it is in physical science and biology nov 2nd, maths at 3rd , social at 4th

  46. Hi guys,what’s going on yar. Notification wise date is relaeased but it still showing comeing soon.what d hell is happening.reallyyyy no sense of responsibility..plzzz guys if u got any information plz share.

    1. 17 the Ku annadi nenu pichonilaga 17 the ki hyd aa clg lo attend ithe ikkada m counseling ledannaru.money bokka time vest. Malli 31 Ku annaru evaro inka no information indaka cal chesthe Nov 1 st week annaru .
      Ado oka pakka information ithe untadi kada is they r able to conducting 2 nd phase r not ? Adi manaku open ga endku cheppatledu villu ………m artham kavatle frndzzzzz share my feeling and inform here if u r people get any information……

  47. What’s the reason , why you people are making too late to conduct 2 phase counseling . will u people going to conduct or not u are playing with our career waste government the worst government

  48. Hello sir,
    Okkasari students gurinchi aalochinchandi…..memu edi decide avvaleka potunnam.meeru chala busy ayi undochu…kaneesam students kosam oka reply pettenta time kuda Leda sir…?maa one year waste ayite who is responsible sir….ee stata,ee education systema, meera…?
    Edo…. meeru decide avvandi ,aa information ivvandi chaalu…we r begging u sir plz…

  49. Helllooooo!!!! don’t you people have any sense????
    When will you give the 2nd phase notice?
    Will you give or not??
    Why you are playing with the students….

    1. Form where u got this information?is it correct? if its corrects plz give the detail information in the comments only so others can also get benefit plzzzz

  50. Dear Sir,

    I got 343 rank but not selected in any colleges in first phase. Please let me know the second counselling dates and second allotment seats will be released….? I want to take the admission in B.ed as soon as possible.

    waiting for your information………!

  51. What the hell is going on sir…. you people are playing with our lives.. my parents are asking to look for some job or get married if their is no further studies. You people are spoiling our lives sir. What right do you people have to play with our lives in this way.. Its really hurting.. what response I have to give my parents am not knowing.. no single information is being posted on your official website… at least post that their is no second counseling.. so that we can move on with our lives. Please sir… I beg u..

    1. What d hek is happning…what hpn to u ppl……yr is going to finish still nw no updates…wow nyc dreamng ppl…..we r waiting for mads hre…..aftr d patience is over wen we r going fr the admsn in mngamnt seat they r tellng addmsns r over…

      1. ya u r right sara,what d hel why the are neglegting edcet students…
        we are wating eagerly and now our eagrness becoms angryness
        relese 2nd phase as soon as possible…..

  52. The candidates who didn’t change options from 8-11th (second time) didn’t get seat what so ever their rank may be. Whose mistake is that? Is it ours for not changing the options or their who didn’t mention that its compulsory to change their web options. I got 1600 rank but didn’t get any seat in first councelling. Waiting for the second.

  53. What’s wrong with edcet officials, how long will u make it.

    Its been a month classes started for 1 st counselling students, and we still don’t get to choose colleges.

    Please make it fast.
    Please wake up, its gud time.

  54. Sir
    Assalu 2nd counseling undha ledhu ani chepi tha students plan Chester kadha endhuku a Andheri time waste chustunanu.

  55. I have submitted some of the certificates but now iam interested to join that college can i attend second counselling reply me

  56. S waste government waste education system…inni days ah asal academic year also loss… Study nduk neglect chesthunnaru ah chala mandhi year waste avthundhi ani badavadthunte miru m pattinchukokunda yela untunnaru asal ah dates release cheyanu plzzz

    1. Hi, Please announce the date of second counseling. already half of the academic year completed but still confusion about the counseling dates and there is proper information and no reply from concerned department. why you are playing games with student lives… Please give us at least one News announcement about the schedule…

    2. Our CM dreaming as Golden Telangana, first they have to replace this type of staff those who dont know there responsibilities.

    1. Hi sir when will be second phase councilling starts if we call to the office no response pls…respond for students questions or pls.. provide correct information about 2nd phase. Thank u……

  57. waste service in edcet office,1 phn will be in switched off and other(landline)they will nt answer and when they answer they scold the parents and students………..they are well educated government offiers they should know how to speak on phone especiallly with parents……….

    1. ya ur right if they dont respond to any one why they mentioned mobile numbers……………………………………

    1. Good morning sir..I have lost my contact number…..So 1st counseling lo seat allotment avvaledu..so 2nd phase counseling appudo chepandi pls…..

  58. Hello, Can you please confirm the 2nd phase web counselling dates, so many of us are waiting for the confirmation on it, as per the paper statement it’s scheduled on 18th,19th and 20th October. But still we are seeing the connectivity issues in the website “could not open socket connection”, can you please resolve this error and provide the required information.

    1. We all are waiting for second phase .
      Give a response whether conducting second phase are not……
      Y r u the officers are neglecting our future those candaidtes are not getting seat their parents are scolded already.there is one chance to check our luck .plz respond after this msg anyone knows about 2nd phase.

  59. sir all edcet students are waiting for the counsling why your neglecting us, we want 2nd counsling dates releas that as soon as posible

    1. assalamu alekum sadiya
      don’t know about this…….when will they announce 2 counseliing…. everyone is waiting ……may be they are still sleeping from june …..too much gussa aara itni late…….koi karta hunga…..

  60. Respected admin,
    This is swathi… it was said by few students that the second phase web counselling is gonna be today… it’s yet not declared on ur official website… it’s already too late sir… please be kind to we students and make your decision as quick as possible… we are really very eagerly waiting for the allotments.. we are missing the classes… please kindly understand our situation and let us know the clear information about web options dates and the other details sir…
    Awaiting for your quick reply…
    Thank you,

  61. when second phase counseling starts from, can u give the information sir plz already they annouced d dates its from 17 but not yet kept the dates n timings

    1. When will be announce the second phase counseling plzzz tell us sir we are waiting can u release the counseling date as soon as possible siir

      1. When will be announce the second phase counseling plzzz tell us sir we are waiting can u release the counseling date as soon as possible siir

  62. Good morning
    Sir ,
    My number is Mahesh .when do you realised the second face sir .The student was waiting for second face .

  63. My sister got 15040 rank in mathematics.
    We have attended both for certificates verification and web councelling but she didn’t get the seat in any college.
    Should we have to attend for certificate verification for the second phase before attending web councelling or no?

    1. Respecting Sir/Madam,

      Please let me know the procedures how to give Web counselling and also Let as know counselling dates soon.So we can prepare for this alternately please share the details to my personal e mail id as well Thats
      [email protected]

      Waiting for your valuable response. Thanks

      1. Respecting Sir/Madam,

        We have not got any response from your side regarding Web counselling procedures of 2 phase of counselling.

        Requesting you please let us know the details ASAP.Thanks

  64. Hi sir,
    My sister got 3689 rank in mathematics.
    We have attended both for certificates verification and web councelling but she didn’t get the seat in any college.
    Should we have to attend for certificate verification for the second phase before attending web councelling or no?
    Please reply.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi, im Ram! Recently i have called the BEd counceller, and he told that they will conduct the BEd 2nd phase counciling in the coming weak, so please be patient! And ill inform you all as soon as i get the dates!!!!!!

      Happy Dushera!!!!

        1. Hi swathi, and everyone! I’ve called him again and he told that it will be starting from 17th (Monday) October, just make sure to check the official website for more information,

          Call him (9490332169)

          Thank you

      1. Hi ram,
        Thanx for ur precious time n information.. Really eagerly waiting for second phasecounselling dates..hope wil b updated soon.


  65. Hello sir
    second phase counselling dates when will be announced
    I have attended 1st phase verifiction is it necessary to attend again
    Reply me

  66. Sir Naa Friend Nanu Chala sarlu aduguthunadu sir tell me sir second consuling dates announce chaiyande sir pls …………… …….

  67. sir,I got 311 rank,but not attended for certificates varification.pls give me chance for certificates varification and web options.

  68. Sir my name hymavathi my rank 11443 first counselling lo cet ralydhu second counselling lo cet vasthundha second counselling date information cheyandi

  69. Hi sir,
    My sister got 3698 rank in social studies.
    We have attended both for certificates verification and web councelling but she didn’t get the seat in any college.
    Should we have to attend for certificate verification for the second phase before attending web councelling or no?
    Please reply.
    Thank you!

  70. my rank is 1360,i have attended the first phase councelling , do i have to go through all the procedures of second councelling or only web option is enough

  71. Hello sir
    Second counseling appudu start chestAru,
    First counseling valaki classes started kada..plz make it quick

  72. When will be the second counselling is any msg will be send. To registered number that counselling has started reply me

  73. Hello Sir,
    I am Amman Nawaz
    Sir Nenu 1 st web counselling Attend Chesaanu Kani Rank Raledu,,,,,,,,
    Please Miru 2 nd Web Counselling Eppdu Undho Cheppandi Memu Andaru wait chestunam Sir……..

  74. Sir. I have nt been allotd in any coll… im gonaa try fr 2 phase i hv done wid verification of certificates should i go wid another verification?

    1. mai first phase counseling attend kiya hoo.
      toh ussmai seat aachuki hai.
      woh colg bhooth door horaha hai.
      toh ky mai secon phase counsing attent karna chaiya ?
      yaa dirct web option selected karna chaeyai

  75. Hello sir.
    This is Rajeshwari.K
    I have got 928 rank in B. Ed entrance.My methodology is physical sciences… My category is BC-B. I did not get seat in the first phase counselling. Do i have any chance in this second counselling for obtaining seat…. And Please, let me know what might be the reason for not getting seat in the first phase of counselling…In web option process i kept only 6 colleges…. can i include them in this second phase counselling also……. please let me know….. Its a humble request…

  76. Sir tomorrow 2nd phase counseling ani chepparu kadha… Today paper statement em ivvale yenti?
    Asal conduct chesthara ledha cheppandi ndukila late chesthunnaru

  77. Hello sir… I got 928 rank in physical science s… But I have not been allloted in any college… May i know dat wat might be da reason.. i am from bc.b

  78. Ruby Naaz

    Hello sir I have completed my certificate verification and also allotted a seat but I am not satisfied that colg.so I have to attend 2nd phase counselling or direct Web options
    Plzzzz reply me sir…!what can I do?

  79. Hello sir i have completed my certificate verification in 1st phase i have alloted a seat but i want to change my college and on which website web options are changed can i change my seat

  80. sir our parents are worryd about our edcet seat they will ask us seat come or not whatshould we tell them plz tell us 2nd phase dates details
    plz reply as soon as possible….

  81. Sir I get seat in college n I also take admission but I m not satisfied with that college sir I can attend 2nd counseling

  82. Plzz..sir let me. knw wheater BBA’S can do b.ed.. i m frm st Anns.. clg… OU AFFLIATED. I WROTE.. ED.CET ALSO.. I GT 1850 RANK… PLSS HELP MEE…

    1. And also i could nt nake it for the frst cnsellng .. as i waz out of… station.
      Plzz let me knw the dates of scnd counsllng…
      Hope to get a reply frm u.. soon.

  83. Hi,

    My name is Afra sultana.I have updated my percentage of marks for graduation incorrectly in the first phase of counselling.It should be 78% instead of that I have updated as 61%.
    Its my mistake.Can you please let me know how can I amend that.

    Your quick response would be much appreciated.

    1. It doesn’t make any difference.Minimum percentage is 55 percentage only.Once college is alloted,wrong percentage entry doesn’t create any problems.

  84. Dear admin,
    I got seat in clg but I dint submit income certificate at the time of certificate verification and I have income certificate with me now in the allotment order the amount payable is 21200 but I have income certificate with me then to get 0 payable amount in allotment order where I should submit the income certificate plz reply me

  85. Hello my rank is 9092.but i didnt got seat . can i get for 2nd counselling.my cast is sc . my age is 32.kindly ,answer me.my subject is biologie,science.

  86. I am not going 1st phase certificate verification my rank is 1963 ts ed cet 2nd counseling which date Sir .

  87. good evening sir/madam
    can u please tell me wheather any student can get same rank same marks in same sujbect as i got 3606 rank in biological science even one girl got the same she is alloted in st anns college sec bad and i am not alloted in any college please reply my kind request to u

  88. Hi sir my hallticket no 110170346 i have got 7730 rank in 2015 b.ed (mathematics) and no college is been allotted to me in 2nd phase of counsealing pls guide me

  89. Hi sir my hallticket no 310130690 i have got 4421 rank in 2015 b.ed (biological science) and no college is been allotted to me in 2nd phase of counsealing pls guide me

  90. sir very very good morning ,
    2 web i completed when will be the result available, because dates are not mentioned mine is on 13th finished web, waiting for the provisional seat allotment order, which college to down load and all.
    please tell me sir
    Thanking you,

  91. Hello sir, I have attended first phase counselling, got the seat, but not satisfied. If I exercise second time do my seat in the college allotted first time will be cancelled or after i accept in second time allotted college only the seat will be cancelled, i mean if i would not get in second time i can continue in first time alloted college. please do clarify me.

  92. good evening
    please help me how many colleges can i select for 2nd phase in 1st phase i have selected 5 colleges and did not get in any college please i request u

  93. Sir I’m completed degree and I had 6years teaching experience. I’m qualified TS Ed.ct exam I will got 52 marks.I had computer knowledge P.G.D.C.A course. and continued PG.so please give me chance. I had interesting I request you please sir give me seat allotment please I request you sir.

  94. Hello sir, I have attended first phase counselling, got the seat, but not satisfied. If I exercise second time do my seat in the college allotted first time will be cancelled or after i accept in second time allotted college only the seat will be cancelled, i mean if i would not get in second time i can continue in first time alloted college. please do clarify me.

  95. sir, I attended 1st phase but i did not get seat allotment now i want to try for 2nd phase what about the one word pass word wether the pass word will send to regestered no or we have to use old pass word sir kindly do the need

  96. Sir my name is srinu .iam not attend the 1st phase .my rank 24000.can i attend 2nd phase please tell me.2nd phase counciling dates.

  97. Hello sir ,I am already attended certificate verification my medium of study in Urdu but by mistake English please tell me i need to attend certificate verification again

  98. hi sir i am naveen i attend for first web counsling and l kept the web option also i didnt get any any college can i attend to second web counsling or caln i directly kept web option directly please reply my answer. sir

    1. Naveen if you already got verified your certificates in 1st phase, then you can directly select your colleges in 2nd phase web counselling.

  99. Hi,
    I am done with my 1st phase counseling but I’m not satisfied with it . For 1st phase I already attended certificate verification. Is it necessary to attend to 2nd phase certificate verification or else I can directly choose web options?

  100. sir bilogicalscience students ki 2nd phase web options dates eppudu naku first seat allote kaledu my rank is 4323 nenu 10 colleges pettanu 1st phaselo anduku raleda na ku ardam kavadamledu plese give me replay sir thanku you

  101. Sadhana
    gud mrng sir 1st phase counselling lo certifucate verification web options complete ayinadhi bt seet raledhu 2nd counselling ki malli certificate ki attend avala only web options ka pls tell me thank u

  102. hai sir!good morning ! i attend for first counseling certificate verificayion but not get the seat alloted in any college.again have to attend for certificate verification are enough web option please reply me sir

    1. Hello Hema, No need to attend certificate verification again in 2nd phase if your certificates are verified in 1st phase. Directly you can select web options.

  103. hi sir i am sandhya i attend for first web counsling and l kept the web option also i didnt get any any college can i attend to second web counsling or caln i directly kept web option directly please reply my answer. sir

    1. hello sir iam shilpa i attend the 1st phase certificate verification my rank is 4323 oc but naku seat allote kaledu nenu 10 colleges pettanu nenu ippudu malli 2nd pase certificate verification ki velala direct web options pettukovala nadi biologicalscience ,na subjcet ki eppudu 2nd phase web option dates unnayo cheppandi please sir thank you

      1. I got seat in b ed colleges but iam not satisfied these colleges so can i go second counselling and again put web optn and attend the counselling it is compulsory

  104. gud eve sir,
    Hi sir h w r u hope fine, plz kindly give me the message wen will be da 2nd phase counselling date.sir i will be waiting for ur answer soon.
    Thank you

  105. Sir plz can u plz tell people who are not satisfied with first allotment what should we do plz tell, how can we know about the left over seats and how should I exercise web options plz help

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