TS EDCET Counselling 2019 – Certificate Verification Dates

TS EDCET Counselling 2019: Telangana B.Ed entrance web counselling dates and rank wise Certificate Verification schedule, detailed notification, web options entry process, required certificates for counselling and etc information is available below. Candidates who appeared and qualified this Ed.CET entrance exam can check and download complete details from below.

TS Ed.CET / B.Ed 2019 Certificate Verification & Web Counseling Notification released by TSCHE in 06th of August, 2019 at www.edcetadm.tsche.ac.in. TSCHE conducts Certificate verification which will be commence from 16th – 23rd August, 2019 & Web Options Entry Process starts from 17th to 24th August, 2019 tentatively.

All the qualified candidates of TS EdCET-2019 Examination are informed to attend the certificate verification for exercising web options for admission into two years B.Ed. course for the academic year 2019-20 on the dates mentioned against their state-wide rank and methodology, in any one of the Helpline Centers (HLCs) with all required documents.

TS EDCET Counselling 2019 – Certificate Verification Details

Web Counselling Details Important Instructions

  • Check here TS EDCET 2019 Entrance Exam Web Page
  • Certificate verification starts: 16th August, 2019
  • Web Options Entry Process starts: 17th August, 2019
  • Candidate has to get the certificates verified at Help Line Center before he/she can start exercising options.
  • One Time Password (OTP) would be sent to registered mobile number.
  • Exercise web options as per the schedule.
  • Allotments will be made in the order of preference of options and exercise utmost care while entering options.
  • Help Line Center Numbers:
    8374198046, 8374198071, 9908021100
  • Email ID: [email protected]

Candidates are called for registration rank-wise. The candidates are required to sign in the register and pay the processing fee and proceed for verification of certificates. Candidates belonging to SC / ST category have to pay Rs. 500/- and all others have to pay Rs.800/- towards processing fee which is non-refundable.

Every candidate shall furnish a mobile number at the time of Verification. One Time Password will be communicated to this mobile number after saving option. Request for change of mobile number will not be entertained under any circumstances.

Important Dates (Tentative):

  • Certificate Verification Starts: 16th August, 2019
  • Certificate Verification Last Date: 23rd August, 2019
  • Commencement of Exercising Web Options scheduled: 17th August, 2019
  • Last date for Exercising Web Options: 24th August, 2019

Official Websites: www.tsedcet.tsche.ac.in & www.tsedcetadm.nic.in


    1. Asalu notification ldu em ldu but last matram final dates chupistey asalu e year entrance unda leyda ??

  1. Dear frnds

    MANAGEMENT SEATS confirm kadanta govt order evvalanta lekunte confirm kavanta

    Frnds nen evvala tsedcet convenor ki CL chesanu sir annadu Babu meru yedhuku late chesthunnaru peddaga oka sari strike cheyyandi problem clear avuthundhi government ki mee bada teliyatledhu meru darna chesthe government ki telusthundhi problem second phase vestharu frnds darna chesddam esarina success chesddam plz
    Contact 9502551203 9912323471. 8125811601. 9640655547

  2. Studying b.Ed is waste of time by delaying of government seat allotment and conducting phases in proper time…waste of government I never in my life

  3. Dear frnds

    Today mem bed state council of higher education dept office ki vellam convenor Secretary
    Chairman garu annaru babu maa chethilo yem ledhu antha govt chethilo undhi govt order esthe memu 2nd counselling conduct chestham annaru so chalamandhi students wait chesthunnaru miru andharu kalasi strike chesthe second council ung aithadhi manam okkasari strike chesthe manam loss kamu one year academic year
    Plz contact
    No 9502551203
    8125811601 ,9912323471. 9640655547
    Manaki support ga chalamandhi unnaru leaders kuda unnaru oka 40 members students kavali plz frnds e numbers ni contact cheyyandi whatsapp group kuda undi

  4. Mik 2nd council pette udesham unda leda leka pothe cheppandi. Remain chusukuntam. Mi valana valuble year loss ayyam. students tho form aina govt students ne pattichukokunda niyantha la chesthuru. joning evaleni miru jobs em chupistaru. student powet nto next election lo chupistsm. Chetha govt

    1. I Cald To Edcet Office THey R saying Dat..Today Court Will Decide about Second Counslng .THy R saying 50 -50 Chances…Chatha Government I wasted My Precious Year ..Thy People Talking Cooly

    2. ఎడ్‌సెట్‌ జరిగేనా?
      హైదరాబాద్‌: బీఈడీ కోర్సుల్లో వచ్చే విద్యాసంవత్సరానికి(2017-18) ప్రవేశంకోరుతూ నిర్వహించాల్సిన ఎడ్‌సెట్‌ ప్రవేశ పరీక్ష జరుగుతుందా అన్న అనుమానాలు వ్యక్తమవుతున్నాయి. ప్రస్తుత విద్యాసంవత్సరానికి ఎడ్‌సెట్‌ రెండోదశ కౌన్సెలింగ్‌ నిర్వహణ ఇప్పటికీ కొలిక్కిరాలేదు. హైకోర్టు ఆదేశించినా ప్రభుత్వం కౌన్సెలింగ్‌ నిర్వహణపై నిర్ణయం తీసుకోలేదు. తాజాగా అన్ని ప్రవేశ పరీక్షలకూ కన్వీనర్లను నియమించినా ఎడ్‌సెట్‌కు నియమించలేదు. ఉపాధ్యాయ విద్య అభ్యర్థులు ఏటా 40 వేల మంది బయటకొస్తే ఉద్యోగాలివ్వడం ఎలా సాధ్యమని ఇటీవల ముఖ్యమంత్రి సైతం శాసనసభలో ప్రశ్నించారు. బీఈడీ, డీఈడీ కళాశాలలు కూడా అన్ని అవసరంలేదని ప్రభుత్వం భావిస్తోంది. ఈ అంశాలను పరిశీలిస్తే ఎడ్‌సెట్‌ నిర్వహిస్తారా అన్న సందేహం కలుగుతోంది. అధికారులు సైతం కచ్చితంగా జరుగుతుందని చెప్పలేకపోతున్నారు.

  5. Hi! 2nd phrase councelling unda lada please information, govt emi chestundi students life ante ennta negligence ennduku, please problem imediet gaa cliarcheyandi sir please p p p p p.

    1. Finally wen counseling will b held….if we are going to b.ed colleges to ask about admission they are opening there mouths for too much money….
      Why the govt is delaying this matter…it’s waste for all candidates to bring so good rank in Ed.cet and waiting still for counseling….. The whole year is getting wasted…please look into this Matter seriously…

    2. I came to know that university is “waiting for Hon’ble court directions”. Not sure why it went to court, but got reply from university like this.

  6. Unknowingly i did mistake i have submitted my certificate at college i thought i will change in 2nd counselling now i dnt think 2nd counselling will held
    Can i get my money and certificates back
    Now i dnt want to study
    What i have to do
    Please reply me

  7. Hi frnds yenti mana paristhithi ela ayyindhi enthaku 2nd phase untunda undadha oka clarity esthe baguntundhi kada.


    1. Yes sudhakar u took correct decision

      It is more than enough our patient.let’s do something and show our students power they should know students power and courage we are supports you

      Please support Every body and reply to sudhakar messages just type LIKE and expose your acceptance

    2. yes u r right, i go to trinity colleg for direct admission they said that 2nd councling counduct chese chace ledu all students get adminsion directly they told like that

  9. sir 2nd phase vuntunda leda chepandi plzzz maa intlo maa amma nanna andaru thidthuru vurlo andaru college ki velthunte nuvu intikada em chestunavu college ledhu em ledhu vedho oka shaplo jeetham vundamanturu meeremo epadivaraku 2nd phase pettat ledhu please sir veppudu vuntundho reply evandi


  11. june,july,august,sep,oct, poindi nov vacchindi enka eppati varaku wait cheyali enduku enta neglect chestunnaru students ni plz at least reply ina evvandi stundents doubts ki

  12. hello sir garu inka eni rojulu time paduthundhi ayya naku 17,22,26,28,epudu 31st date chepthunaru asalu counseling unadha ledha unte unadhi ani chepandi ledhante ledhu ani chepandi anthe gani ela adukokandi plzz. already college kuda start kuda ayindhi .

    1. Government thoughts were abolished the B ed program y b cos around 5lacks members were waiting for job. May be its take 15 days. Keep wait for till that.

  13. Hi Sir,

    I’m V.Sushma,completed B.Pharmacy and i have attended Edcet entrance exam in 2016 in Physics and i got 30 rank.When attended counselling,they said that im not eligible to do B.ed.What justice is this?Why didn’t u mention that B.Phatmacy not eligible for B.ed in the notification?

  14. Hi Sir,

    I’m V.Sushma,completed B.Pharmacy and i have attended Edcet entrance exam in 2016 in Physics and i got 30 rank.When attended counselling,they said that im not eligible to do B.ed.What justice is this?Why didn’t u mention that B.Phatmacy not eligible for B.ed in the notification?

  15. Hi Sir,
    I’m from Hyderabad. I got 1300 rank but I haven’t attended the Phase I counseling. May I know whether certificate verification is still happening?( I have called HLC they informed that they are not doing it currently).Can you suggest me where do I get my certificates verified?

  16. Respected Sir,
    Sir i got seat in yadaiah education college but iam not interested to join that college. i want 2nd phase councelling but i have one doubt i should attend again 2nd phase councelling or directly i put web options. replay me first sir
    Thanking you.

  17. Hi sir, I didn’t get seat in good college, is there a way to find out what is the last rank in each college, so that i can option better college in 2nd phase?


  18. Hi, I had allocated seat in Hyderabad but my husband is transferred to Karimnagar this month. so i want to change my seat. when will be second phase counseling. please suggest it will be very helpful

    1. Sir i have been allotted a gud collg n wn i wnt thr with ma allotment order of rs 11475…. the management is asking me to pay rs 23345….n a special fee of rs 3000 n development fee of rs 7000……hw cn they increase the fee which is already approved by the govt of telangana ??sir m in a dilemma …plz hlp me out……

      1. It is the same situation with all the colleges. May be the reason they don’t have any clear fee break up.
        Now don’t think much about fee, since its two years course you can settle this issue later.
        I suggest first join and secure your seat.

        Thank You.

    1. If you have already been for counselling process and submitted Income certificate, no need to submit again. Just give more options in second counselling., you may get it Inshallah.

      In case if you have not yet submitted Income certificate you can take in any one of the below options:
      1.Option: In the name of your Mother.(If unmarried).
      2.Option:In the name of your husband.(If married).

      Thank You.

  19. Sir, i didn’t get seat in phase-1, will i surely get the seat in phase-2, my hall ticket no is 311230101 and my rank is 4771, Caste is BC-D.

  20. Hi ,

    My name is madhuri, i have secured a rank 2361 in mathematics, i have not alloted any seat .

    can you please let uus know y and tell the second couselling dates.

  21. I have already attended in first phase certificate verification but I didn’t get seat in first phase do i have to again do the certificate verification in second phase. Please reply

  22. i got seat in one college(in which i will join for now), but i want to try 2nd phase for better college, what is procedure, if i get better college in 2nd phase. Procedure in the sense….
    1) how the fee is transfer to new allocated college? i am ok to pay difference in fee in new college.
    2) how certificates will be transferred?
    3) Whether i need to go to old college to collect certificates and then handed over to new college OR old college will send my certificates directly to new college
    4) Can i pay the free through cheque or cash or both?

    I hope above questions came to many like me….. :). Also please share any other information related to this, which will help everyone.


      1. Good Rank kadaaa, college nduku allot kaledu. options correct ga pettukondi and mee rank ki last time ye colleges allot ayyayo chusi options pettukondi. All d Best

  23. hi sir i got a seat in college but i didn’t submit the income at the time of counselling i need a scholarship i can’t pay that much money now the new income is there with me what i should now next what i should proceed sir.

    1. Hello sir i got a seat in college but i don’t want to join that college so now i want to change my college in 2nd counseling so now can i submit my certificates in 1st phase college or not?

    2. My rank is 84 and hall ticket number 211060031. My name is not reflecting in the list ,in the colleges which I have chosen during the web options. What do I do ,please help.

      1. Hello sir my rank is below 6000 and till now i didn’t get any msg…i was ok with the first counselling…can you please tell me when the 2nd phase of allotment will be there?am very much worried and il be very busy so can’t check regulary please reply….

      2. Respected admin
        as u said that if we are not willing to join in the alloted clg for the first phase ,we must not report to the clg with our ceritificates rather we must wait fr the second phase

        But iam able to see many of comments reporting that the eligible candidates arent placed in any clg at all for the first phase

        What if my hard luck doesnt fetch me a clg for the second phase…

        I secured 370rank and i wasnt placed in the clg i wanted to be in.

        So i really want to try to get into it via second phase

        Pls suggest me.

      3. Respected sir,
        I was not happy with the college allotted to me in the 1st phase counselling. I got 663 rank in biological sciences and was hoping i would be allotted a much better college. But nonetheless i went ahead with the option but I realized that i had to pay the whole fee even though eligible for fees reimbursement because I didn’t submit the income certificate during verification. I thought I could submit the income certificate once I joined the college because i already submitted the receipt for application of income certificate at the verification center.
        Now I’ve decided to opt for second phase counselling but I’ve heard that once failing to join the allotted college you will not be able to exercise the same options of colleges which I did in the first phase.
        Is that true?
        Kindly clear my query.

        Thanks & Regards,

    1. finally seat allotment is here. kindly go through the process and check your college. i hope everyone received the text from edcet informing about your allotted college.

          1. Good afternoon sir i have attended my web allotment on july 11, 2016 but as of now i didnt get any college my halltickt no. Is 411280459 and my rank is 7893, pls do help me out sir

  24. Good news to all (who are in panic) , started from today to change web options (with college feeses) up to 11th sep 2016 for whor are attended 1st counselling…please go through this link : http://tsedcet.tsche.in ….final seat allotment will be messaged you on 15th Sep 2016…

  25. Hi Friends,

    Mr. kcr signed the file of new fee structure for B.Ed and other courses. hope within 1 or 2 days we will get seat allotment and 2nd phase counselling dates. today i have seen in namastey telangana news paper. main edition 2nd page.

      1. Dear friends you can change u r web options from 8- 11th of thi month and you will be gey seat allotment on 13or 14th of this month.
        All the best.

      1. tommorow will start the web options again upto 11th we may enter web option allotmnt will b 13th or 14th source help line center

  26. Hello Admin,

    will we get any massage on our register mobile no regarding 2nd web counselling date?

    my register mobile no is 9059393876

    1. If there is delay due to any reason why don’t tsedcet executives respond to us?2016 seat allotment will take place or not plz at least tell us this

  27. Dear friends today in news papers
    Kadiam said first take sign of CM on fee Details and then release GO .
    After that they give time to change options .
    And then seat allotment.
    So I think it takes one week time .
    Thank u.

  28. 1st councling i missed please tell me that 2nd and 3rd councling dates for edset if anyone knows about it just call or what app me,

    Thank you.

      1. Govt ki bed allotment problem cheppakunda
        vallu ekkadinunudi pattinchukuntaru Intha irresponsibility ga unnaru

  29. Worst Government ruled in Telangana. How much yime the will take for sea t allotment .

    Please avoid online councelling. Manual old model councelling is 100%correct.

    Any way plz allot seats immediately.we are waiting…plz

    1. I think government will react when they get the news of students dying with tension abt seat allotment. ..This online method is worst
      Behalf of all students humble request to alot seats immediately we r eager to know the fees amnt as well as our alloted clg

    1. wtf is going icet dates relased still b.ed allotments nt giving always saying allomnt wll b in 10days such a worst university

  30. what a govt fee deciding also late uff one month wasted last month this day the option entry was last now no any info about allotment helpline center numbers are kept off



  33. Why don’t we have any clear information about seat allotment order. why you are confusing people? Please inform the allotment release date in the site.

  34. dear sir,
    Here I am unable to take and see allotment order is it released or not please clarify it sir when is search http://tsedcet.in/ in this web site for allotment result its showing page not found as i click on allotment order info kindly clarify it sir

  35. hi,
    actually i missed first time certificate verification some issues, so i missed first counselling
    is it possible to attend second phase counselling

  36. Hi Sir!!!!! “allotment order info” link in this page is showing error..please confirm if it is in active mode.. or we need to check later..

  37. I am unable to see the web options now. I have selected 7 options, now when I am going to web options after entering details it is showing message as “Could not open socket connection”

      1. It is better to see daily newspaper.
        2nd phase councelling release after completion of 1st phase seat allotment.

      1. no colg name is being displayed is this allotment letter without the name of the colg how can I know in whch colg I have been allotted,plz reply soon

      2. When do we have our allotment results for the first phase of webcounselling and how will we know about it…..do we get updated via text msgs about the results o is there any link to keep a check on??? Pls. Help. 😐

      1. hi..when are the results going to be declared for first phase web counseling?any notification regarding seat allotment is not yet displayed on the ts edcet official website…anyone here who knows the date for edcet seat allotment?plzz do let us know..thank you

    1. It is better to see daily newspaper.
      2nd phase councelling release after completion of 1st phase seat allotment.


  38. Respected sir.
    Sir I got 823 rank in social studies but I wasn’t able to attend first councilling as I didn’t had my original certificates with me that time but now I have all my certificates with me but I came to know that second phase of councilling is over…Sir please help me out I wanna know the date for the third councilling please I don’t wanna miss it out please reply me as soon as possible thanking you regards.

  39. Sir , after completion of web options I have received one password only if any success of confirmation of selected college list would you sent at the time of web options.

  40. Hi sir,
    Please 2nd counselling dates cheptara sir 1st counselling memu vellalekapoyamu 12-07-2016 date na vellamu but counselling complete ayanadhi ani chepparu so plz 2nd counselling undha ledha cheptara sir


  41. helo sir my name is rambabu iam losed my registred mobile number how can i web option entry pl help me and raplay urjently pl sir
    my number 9989734284

  42. Hi Sir!!

    I did not get any SMS after selecting n saved the options to my mobile. Pls clarify n help me to sort dis

  43. for b.ed is it verification important….. we just can’t direct go for the counselling….plz tell me anyone

    1. No you can’t bcoz after verification they’ll send u OTP ONE TIME PASSWORD to ur mobile with that password u can go for Web councelling

    2. Yes Humera, its very important to go through Certificate Verification unless u r taking admission into Minority Quota…And if u r looking a seat through counselling thn u have to go through the certificate verification mandatorily.

      Hope i answered ur question…

    3. its very important, after the verification of documents only, you will be getting authorized for web counselling option.

  44. first look at official website address you provided in this site, which is not working, first set that one later ask for likes.

  45. my name is vara lakshmi and my hall ticket num is 411280390 and methodology social studies my rank is 2367 so when will be my verification date and concelling

  46. Dear Sir,


    My rank was 762 in physical Sciences, my Certificate verification was on 2nd July, but I could not attend the program, Is it possible to attend next verification date on 8th July…

    Thanking you Advance,

  47. Dear Sir,


    My rank was 2800 in Biological Sciences, my Certificate verification was on 5th July, but I could not attend the program, Is it possible to attend next verification date on 8th July…

    Thanking you Advance,

    1. Dear Sir,


      My rank is 1706 in Social Studies , my Certificate verification is on 9th July, but I didn’t have Degree certificate in my hand , Is it possible to attend on 10th or 11th July…

    2. Dear Sir,


      My rank was 3500 in Biological Sciences, my Certificate verification was on 5th July, but I didn’t attend the program, Is it possible to attend on 10th July…

      Thanking you Advance,

  48. Dear Sir,


    My rank was 3500 in Biological Sciences, my Certificate verification was on 5th July, but I didn’t attend the program, Is it possible to attend on 8th July…

    Thanking you Advance,

  49. All original certificates and 2 sets of Xerox copies like

    TS EDCET 2016 Rank Card & Hall Ticket
    Degree certificate of qualifying exam and memorandum of marks
    Intermediate Memo-cum pass certificate or its equivalent
    S.S.C or its equivalent Marks memo
    IX to Degree Study Certificates (Bonafieds)
    Transfer Certificate (TC)
    Residence certificate (in case where the candidate had private study without any institutionalized education)
    Residence certificate of either of parents in Telangana for 10 years in case of non-local candidates excluding the period of employment outside the state. This certificate should be obtained from the Tahsildar.
    Income Certificate issued after 01.01.2016.
    Caste Certificate issued by the competent authority.
    Aadhar Card
    PH/CAP/NCC/Sports/Minority/Anglo-Indian Certificate if applicable.

    1. dear sir,
      i have got 11800 rank in social,,, how can i get the seat in govt college,, iam interested to join in govt college… so how to choose college sir plz reply me

  50. hello sir/ madam,

    i don’t have Income certificate and caste certificate but my counselling date is 2nd July can I attend certificates verification.
    I had completed my B.SC in 2014 and wrote my B.ed entrance exam this year.
    so how you may help me reply me sir as soon as possible.

    please reply me back sir.

    thanks in advance….!!!
    thank you….

    1. I was not able to attend the counseling today-2nd July for physical science .what do I do?can I attend tomorrow.

      1. Dear sir/madam
        I was not able to attend the counselling on 2nd July for physical science .what can I do?when can I attend the counselling?pls reply me …………

    2. Hello sir/madam
      Iam not able to attend the counseling on 10 July for social science. Because i hava exam on 10 july (cbse net/jrf morning 9 to evening 5 ) what do I do? can I attend next day.
      Plz reply me sir.

  51. sir i dont have income certificate,i will apply it tomorrow.can i attend counselling n later can i submit income certificate in allotted college..?can i get fee reimbursement?

  52. Hello sir,
    i got a rank in ts edcet 6980 so when my certificates verification date and web counselling dates tell me clearly and also tell me what certificates we want to show u for the verification

    1. TS Ed.CET-2016 Rank Card
       TS Ed.CET-2016 Hall Ticket
       Degree certificate of qualifying exam and memorandum of marks
       Intermediate Memo-cum pass certificate or its equivalent
       SSC or its equivalent marks memo
       Study certificates from 9th class to graduation
       Residence certificate (in case where the candidate had private study without any institutionalized education)
       Residence certificate of either of parents in Telangana for 10 years in case of non-local candidates excluding
      the period of employment outside the state. This certificate should be obtained from the Tahsildar.
       Transfer Certificate (TC)
       Income certificate issued on or after 01.01.2016
       Aadhar Card
       Caste certificate issued by Competent Authority (in case of SC/ST/BC).
       PH/CAP/NCC/Sports/Minority certificate (mentioned in Graduation/Post Graduation TC) certificates wherever
       Xerox Copies of two sets of the original certificates

  53. Hi sir iam msc completed 2015. Sir now b.ed ki fee reimbursement vastunda sir plz reply me sir…..,

  54. sir, i discontinued b.ed course in 2010-11. now i written edcet 2016, i got 311 rank. is am eligible to complete b.ed corse this time? wheter i have to attend for concelling or not plz tell me. thank u

    1. Ohh U got 311 rank, I got 259 rank, u r only the candidate im seeing here with good Rank after me,
      About ur Question,
      Ans: As U discontinued b.ed in 2010-11, there would be chance of continuing only for 2 years which has already passed for U,

      So, U have to go for a Fresh Counseling, that’s it.

  55. Hi,
    My sister submit documents and discontinue the course. We need certificates.where we can get our certificates.

  56. sir,
    this sridevi i written b.ed entrance exame, i get 2000 rank in biology subject. but certificates veryfication as on 5th july 16 but i did not some certificates. 1 local candiates, income sir. iam elgabule in the certificates veryfications sir ple reply sir
    thank q sir

  57. Sir I am ambedkar open university final year appearing student. Our result will be announced in August 2nd week.how I can attend for counselling. Please tell me.certificate Will be issued after result. Please postpone counseling. Or give permission to submit degree memo tc study conduct within August.I have all certificates except degree final result memo.

  58. Sir if I submit my income certificate after certificate verification on the allotted collegeIwhether i will be qualified for fee reimbursement or not please sir reply

  59. sir/mam i have backlog in degree 3yr and i wrote an entrance exam for bed and i got an rank so i just want to ask you that can i able to go for bed counselling 2016 after having backlogs plz let me know.

  60. sir iam eligible for scholarship but i dont have income certificate of this year , can i attend for certificate verification

  61. hiii sir…
    na dagara old income certificate kottadi inka tiyyaledu pata income to certificate verification kosam application cheyocha…?

    1. Hii sir i applied for new income certificate last week only but still i not get new income certicate . So i will attend certificate verification or not please give reply for me i had old certificate only.

      1. Sir, I have 4000+ rank in edcet but i have backloges in degree 3 rd year. Am eligible to attend the councilling for certificate verification or not. Plz rly me. It’s very important to me. Thank u

    1. Required Documents for TSEDCET 2015 Certificate Verification:
      All original certificates and 2 sets of Xerox copies like

      TS EDCET 2016 Rank Card & Hall Ticket
      Degree certificate of qualifying exam and memorandum of marks
      Intermediate Memo-cum pass certificate or its equivalent
      S.S.C or its equivalent Marks memo
      IX to Degree Study Certificates (Bonafieds)
      Transfer Certificate (TC)
      Residence certificate (in case where the candidate had private study without any institutionalized education)
      Residence certificate of either of parents in Telangana for 10 years in case of non-local candidates excluding the period of employment outside the state. This certificate should be obtained from the Tahsildar.
      Income Certificate issued after 01.01.2016.
      Caste Certificate issued by the competent authority.
      Aadhar Card
      PH/CAP/NCC/Sports/Minority/Anglo-Indian Certificate if applicable.

    1. Sir im jioning bed college bt im not satisfied that college i will change my seat so conducted 3rd phase so im realloted to the another college im eligble 3rd phase r not tell me sir pls

  62. i got 4421 rank in ts b.ed by biological science and no college is been alotted not even in 1st and 2nd phase of seat alottment plz guide me

  63. sir,i got 16073 rank in social studies and belong to SC-Category ..i did not get seat in both the counsellings
    ..will there be any spot admissions,,,,
    if i wish to join management seats or spot admissions ,do i get fee reimbursement???

  64. good evening
    can we get same rank in same subject for two persons please reply as i did not get seat in any college my rank is 3606 i have selected many colleges.
    please reply as soon as possible

    1. 2nd phase counseling is also the final phase. so, try for management seats at your location. if you want management seat in Nalgonda district contact me @ 9502992990.

      1. I need a hlp…i got a seat in ghulam Ahmed Colg of education,hyd..the tuition fee of the course is 22000/- per annum and tentative amount payable is 5500/-..my question is, do I have to pay both the amount??

  65. Dear Sir..
    my Hall Ticket no.310070634 And Rank 8478.

    please send me my allotment copy.

    I’m Flash News tried web given this answer : HALL TICKET NUMBER 310070634 HAS NOT BEEN ALLOTED SEAT IN ANY COLLEGE

    Flash News:: Web allotments for Final Phase has been released on 18/10/2015 new
    Download 1st & 2nd Phase Allotments

    1. hi bhagya, “HALL TICKET NUMBER 310070634 HAS NOT BEEN ALLOTED SEAT IN ANY COLLEGE” means you did not get seat in any college. So there is no seat allotment for you.

  66. Sir,

    My name is swapna, i got rank 23318 in social studies and hall ticket no is 410010553, I Already attended first counselling but not allotted any college, so i expected allotment in 2nd phase. Then also I didn’t got allotment in any college. Could please let me know reason why i didn’t got allotment in any college?

    1. hi swapna, Most of the students opt for social studies. so, all the seats are filled before your rank. that’s why you did not get allotment.

      1. Sir I had got 7042 rank in edcet entrance 2016 but I had fail in bcom but I am very confident that I will be able to clear the subject in revaluation result but the revaluation results take 15 days more to release the result please say what to do help me

  67. Respected Sir,
    i have done my P.G. and i got scholarship at that time.now if i join in B.Ed will i get scholarship now. i belong to SC and my father annual income is 75,000. he is a carpentar


  69. Good afternoon sir.sir iam 1st phase certificate verification Ki attempt ayanu web lo kuda select so set ralydhu.now 2nd phase Ki Mali certificate verification Ki attempt avali ha sir plz reply me

  70. HI This is Prashanthi,
    I did not submit IncomeCertificate in First councelling certifications,Can i submit IncomeCertificate in Second phase Councelling Certificate verification.
    I did not get any college in First phase.

  71. I have not attend 1 phase counselling, I am worried !
    Please suggest me the right way or option for the next step.

  72. Sir in 1site i have seen tht 2nd counciling is on 18october to 21 october bt if i click the site vich u hve given it z mentioned tht dates r nt available plz sir clarify our doubts

  73. good eve sir,
    i am in tension sir plz at least tell the dates for 2nd phase counselling hope i get the reply soon

    thank you

  74. good morning sir,
    let u know wen is the 2nd phase option form will be opening, to select the colleges, actual dates are not be seen so far plz tell me sir.
    Thanking you

  75. Dear sir
    This saba I have leave mi message so many times but iam not getting responded from u sir mi problem is.I got good rank and seat but I didn’t get fee reimbursement because of age that is 2&3 yrs difference is there.I can’t able to pay fees which I got in allotment order and I want to continue mi studies but we r poor to pay such amount of fees
    Plzzzzzz help me in this matter.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzwe r waiting to ur reply.

  76. Good evening sir /mem nak 1st phase lo seat allot kaledhu so 2nd phase eppudu unttundhi untte andhulo only web options pedthe saripothundha and pls tell me 2nd phase date.


  78. sir my name is asra sultana my hall ticket number is 4151202 53 and my rank is 8491 i got seat in jayamukhi college of education they r saying to pay amount 16500 at a time sir help me sir wht i shld do sir.

  79. Respected sir im sravan na rank 7503 vachindhi maths lo and certificate verification ki vellalenu naku 2nd phase ki choice untadha and unte eppudo date chepthara plzzzz

  80. Sadhana
    gud evening sir naku 1st phase lo seet allot kaledhu 2nd phase malli epudu untundhi okavela malli certificate verification ki attend avala ledhante web counselling lo colleges select chesukovala replay me sir thank u

  81. Hai sir ,

    am madhavi naku 11118 rank vochindi kani 1st web councling lo colleges raledu 2nd web councling appudu untundi sir plz chepthara and na rank ki a college lo vosthundi chepthara

      1. sir naku 1stphase lo rbvrr lo seat allote aendi naku 2ndphase lo jyothi or rous or jwhs orvani or vashishta lo vathun da na rank 3738 sub maths cast bcb pls tellme

        1. sir naku 1stphase lo rbvrr lo seat allote aendi naku 2ndphase lo jyothi or rous or vani or vashishta lo vasthunda na rank 3738 sub maths cast BCB pls tell me and tell me pls 2ndphase dates

  82. Sir i have done my schooling and also intermediate in Telangana state, graduation is from Tamil Nadu open University and I was categorised under a non local where as during the recruitment of Telangana state it is clearly mentioned that candidates who finished their schooling from the state and are residents comes under locals.
    Sir please reply whether I do come under local or non local because I have lost an opportunity to get a seat in ou my rank and is 117 and have been alloted a seat in private college

      1. Sir
        I don’t attend 1st counseling can you ple. Say when the 2nd counseling started .I am venkat Lakshmi and my h.no:411280210

  83. Sir,I got a seat alloted(phase 1)(rank 1407) in ABC college…where the fee is Rs.21,200/-. When I approached the college they are demanding Rs.5000/- more saying it’s the college admission fee….n also are mentioning that the next year too Rs.5000/-should be paid..plz clarify whether it’s appropriate the college management to demand fees in spite of the govt alloted fees??

  84. Respected Sir/Madam,
    As you have mentioned in the above comment / link http://tsedcet.in/2015/important-note-for-1st-phase-allotted-candidates/
    about the 2nd Phase, which will be declared after 28 September, then what about the 1st phase allotted college, they will cancelled our seat , if we don’t give our confirmation to them, and for that we need to submit our documents and fee. Please Try to put the 2nd counselling as early as possible, so that our seat should not get cancelled.

  85. Dear Sir,
    I am not satisfied with my allotted college , request you to let us know about the 2nd phase as soon as possible, because when i have reported to the allotted college they have told me , to inform about the 2nd phase college by 28 September , if i am not going to confirm that i am going to continue in their college with the fee , they will canceled my seat.
    Please do the needful .

  86. Sir I have paid 8000 more money for admission. In the allotment letter only 16500 fee is mentioned but they collect extra 8000 money as a college library fee in the malla reddy suraram college. this extra money required for admission or not?

  87. Hi sir,

    I got 398 rank in edcet 2015 in social methodology but I have not attended certificate verification due to some personal reasons. Is there any chance of 2nd phase of certificate verification, If yes please provide those details.

    Thank You.

  88. hi sir my self chandramouli .. my rank is 635 in physics methodology ,,, i belongs to sc community .. allotted vivekananda college in adilabad but the management asking me too pay all the fee at reporting time .. i’m able for fee reimbursemennt and i.m a poor to pay fee at once .. so please give me the suggetion .. less time left to gather money also .. so pls reply me

  89. gud afternoon sir,

    when is the exactly 2 phase counselling dates will be announced please tell me i am really worried so much
    kindly help me without delay. see u later.


  90. Anju
    September22 at12:10PM
    I sir my rank3643attend the counseling and web options select the 2colleges so naku ipativaraku elanti information raledu, selecte chesukuna collegelo seat available vunduledu confirm chesukuvala or mere edena information evandi pls clarify the dout.

    1. hello,i am muskaan.i have been alloted a college which is co-ed,and my parents dont want me to join a co-ed clg.can i select a girls clg in the second counselling?

    2. hi,i am not satisfied with the alloted clg,i want to go for second couselling.i wanted to know that if i opt for second counselling,will i get the same colleges which i got in the first counselling as my options except the alloted one or will i get other clgs as options?

  91. Sir I’m not satisfy with the first allotted collage its so far to me but I have the doubt sir for the 2nd counciling I’ll the seat or not iam so confused sir plz help me sir to solve my prblm

  92. Sir I have submitted my originals in first phase allotted college.but its too far.now I want to participate in 2and phase counseling. Will they give my certificates back.plz tel me sir I’m counfused

  93. hello sir ,
    i got seat in 1st counciling but iam not satisfied.sp,i want to change the college.
    so,for that i need to attend again for 2nd counciling or directly for web options.
    please tell me sir.

  94. HI Sir,My Rank is 2877,I did not get any college in first counselling.My category is OC.I am selected 50 colleges but didn’t get any college.So,what is the next procedure please tell me.
    And I did not submit Income Certificate at the time of Counselling,Now i have to submit.So,where I submit the Income certificate now.

  95. i got 2304 iam not satisfied with my first counselling alloted college can u suggest me if i go for second counselling which clg may i get ,my category is (Bc-b)

  96. hi sir iam nagalaxmi nenu originals ani frst allotment college lo submit chesanu sir epudu naku 2counsling ki aalow leda sir plz rply me sir…

  97. Dear Sir,
    My Rank is 490 and I am not satisfied with the allotted college “presidency for girls falaknuma” , its too far , Request you to let us know the second phase date.
    Please do reply.

  98. Hi, my rank is 74 and methodology is english..I gave St. Anns college secbad in first option in Web options as I knew that seat gets alloted on priority basis but I got seat in St. Mary college which I gave in second option what could be the reason that I have’nt get seat in St. Anns..I hv done BA from distance with 55% caste-BCB .can u Plz help me out of this..
    Thank you

  99. Sir, my rank is 3200 and my name has not been allotted to any college. Could you please advise…
    As per my knowledge I should be allotted because the rank is good and in the rank card it shows, you have reallotted a seat in but no college name.

  100. sir my rank is 7400 in biological science… but iam not getting 1st phase councling in any college so plz send my my email 2nd phase councling………….

      1. Sir I got 4546 rank in biological science… I have not got alloted seat in any of the colleges..plz send me the details of second phase counselling to my mail id…..plz sir give me a valuable suggestion as soon as possible

  101. sir i submitted my hallticket number in allotment but it is saying ur hall ticket number is nt alloted in any college .
    sir now what should i do?

      1. Sir I got 823 rank in social studies. I failed to go for first councilling as I wasn’t having my original certificates with me by then now I got my certificates but now I got to know that the second phase of councilling is over.please help me I wanna knw the date for the third and final councilling I don’t wanna miss it sir please help.I would be waiting for ur reply.thank q regards. .

  102. Sir I am jyotsna I did not get any allotment in the 12 colleges which I have selected in web counselling my rank is 10468 my caste is sc sir will I able to get in 2 counselling sir plz kindly tell me when is 2 counselling

    1. We can not tell you whether you can get seat or not confirmly. But you have to select many colleges during the 2nd phase counselling. That will give you many chances to get seat in any one of the college. Take care and dont get disappoint. All The Best.

  103. sir, i got confirmed seat in Phase – I and reported before due date. Now i want to participate in Phase – 2 to choose nearest college to my locality. My question is if i got confirmed seat in Phase-2 and don’t want to join there. Now what about my Phase – I confirmed seat? Is it still available to join?

  104. Sir igot 1720 rank and i belong to oc female and got the admission in aurobindo college at pembarthi jangaon.while choosing the options I have selected the college as in city limits(hasanparthy mandal)but I have no idea about jangaon pembarthi it is far for me to travel?can I reserve my seat in the college and go for 2nd phase if igot seat in a nearer college,am I eligible for refund of fee&getmy certificates back to go for2nd phase?

  105. hello sir,
    my name is neelu.i got 778 rank ang alloted rgrs college sec.i want to go for 2nd phase counselling..so what is the procedure for that..
    and I also want to know that is it compulsary to have bonafide certicate of intermediate becos I don’t hav it right now. plzzzzz reply me sir.

  106. Sir, My Rank is 6071, I haven’t got seat in B.ed (Mathematics). I have selected colleges only from hyderabad. Please let me know, about the chances in second counselling.

  107. hello sir,i have small doubt,please clarify
    i got the seat in 1st phase, i can go to 2nd counciling.
    if i got seat in other college but am not interest to join 2nd phase allotted college, is there chance am go with my first phase college
    please help me.

    1. If you dont report in 1st phase allotted college till the last date, your seat will be canceled. You have to join in 2nd phase allotted college only.

  108. hello sir,i have small doubt,please clarify
    if i submitted my original certificates in alloted collge i can go to 2nd counciling.
    if i got seat in other college but am not interest to join 2nd phase allotted college, is there chance am go with my first phase college
    please help me.

    1. If you submit originals in 1st phase then you will not have options to attend 2nd counseling. If you attend 2nd counselling then you wont have option to join in 1st phase allotted college.

  109. Good morning sir,
    I want to go to second pase Counciling am not satisfied the first pase Counciling what will I do if I will give my original certificates can I re take my originals? Reply me sir

    1. Dont submit originals if you are not satisfied with allotted college. Directly participate in 2nd counselling to change your college in 2nd counselling.

  110. sir my rank is 20168 will i get addmission in b.ed . i dint got any sms regarding addmission sir is there are still chnaces od getting sms regarding addmission pls reply so worried

  111. hello sir,i have small doubt,please clarify
    if i submitted my original certificates in alloted collge i can go to 2nd counciling.if i got seat in other college i can get certificates back from that colege to subit in othr college.
    please say sir.

      1. Sit naku biological sciences lo seat vachhindi sir na fee 16500 ani allotment order lo e fee one year fee na leka two years kalipi 16500 na cheppandi sir iam poor family student

  112. ou lo okka seat kuda ph reservation kota evvaledu enduko thelusukovacha….ph kota undi unte eroju naku seat confirm ai undedi….na rank 340 aina naku seat evvaledu….ph valla ki ou lo reservation leda….?plz clzrify

  113. Do we have second phase counselling and what will b the course duration.. is it exactly 24 months course or some diffrnce wud b there??

      1. Thnx for ua rply admin, I also wanted to askd tht I m an OC candidate and evn after submittng the income certificate with income Rs.96000 p/a I didn’t get any fee reimbursement..would u plz clarify this n suggst me wht should I do for fee reimbursemnt…

  114. sir ican’t attend the certificate verification of 1st counselling .sir mari 2nd counselling lo ceritificate verification untunda sir plz give answer okavela unte dates chepandi sir plz

  115. do we get the sms or before that we need to register….what is the exact procedure….boz even for otp we were thinking that we would be getting the sms first to see we had to register enter details only then we were sent the otp….please clarify

  116. Sir,

    i have selected colleges in web counselling but i didnt got any msg regarding the allotment till now.
    so, what should i do nxt plzzz reply soon

  117. web option over and when are you going to give the college seat allotment… i wait for clg allotment, confrm date plz tell to me

  118. Sir I got 1100 rank in tsedcet and I am eligible to get reambersment
    Now my doubt was when was fee pay ?
    At the time admission ? What is need of fee pay government was giving feereambersment know?

  119. Gud evening sir! Happy to listen that college allotments will be after 15th September 2015, but what is the exact date of allotment list to be announced??? Sorry to disturb you but I need a clarification regarding the allotment dates!!!!!! Please give me a reply sir?

    1. Hi gud evening friends!!!! I have come to know that our seat allotments will be placed in website tsedcet.tsche.ac.in tomorrow!!!!!! ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  120. Respected sir,
    A very very gud morning sir, i would like know on which date you will be giving the message to our mobiles college seat allotment , so that i may not give any trouble for u because many are going on asking again and again . what answer can be given to them please sir. tell me the exactly date i am very very sorry. to tell u this what to do.
    Thank you

  121. good evening sir how r u, keeping fine.
    I completed my web option and when are you going to give the college seat allotment , and which college i would like to know soon please tell me sir. without delay i will be waiting for your response.

    Thank you

  122. I have misplaced my provisional certificate when checked with college asked to contact convenor…can I get the convenor number or what is the next step…they have informed that we cannot issue duplicate nor OU can provide please help

  123. Sir.after 15 will receive a message about seat allotmnt.but at the time of seat allotment order.they are asking we have to enter hall ticket number.and rank number.but they are asking some password also.sir please tell me what password????

  124. Hi Sir, i have a problem i theft my mobile i d’nt continue my web option with out mobile no.how can i change another mobile no any options is there plz help me sir, today my last web option

      1. hello sir, i did not submit my income certificate at the time of certificate verification as it was not delievered do i need to submit it now again at helpline centre after i recieve income certificate or can i submit it in the allotted college??plzz help me sir

          1. hello sir,but they rejected my income certificate at helpline centre saying oc and bc candidates should have income below 1lakh.could you please help me sir im very much worried regarding the concern

  125. hi sir gudafternoon this is sruthi can i change my web options colleges before 14th alreday i selected my colleges list once i want chang of colleges its possible

  126. good morning sir
    when is the college seat allotment will be available / mentioned, which college and when to go their, and what about opening of the colleges begins class .plz tell me sir.

    thank you

  127. Hello Sir,
    I am Rasmi & got 1234 rank in social studies methodology. i have freezed my options,is there any chance to get seat in colleges which i freezed from HYD & RR Districts..

  128. sir, i studied tenth and inter in andhrapradesh.i did my graduation in hyderabad. now iam doing my b.ed in telangana. can i get fee reimbursment

  129. sir,i am a married woman. for fee reimbursement what i have to submit i.e fathers income certificate or husbands income certifcate

  130. good morning sir,
    I am happy that i finished my web option. sir seat allotment will they give information for us directly i do not know If i get the college seat allotment what about the fee payments should i go and pay the fee plz tell me. do they give full details without any problem. sir your kind attention one more thing i want to ask u my residence certificate today i going to get, what time can i come & submit their, either today or tomorrow or by evening till what u will be available . pppppppppppppppppp!

    Thank you very much sir.

  131. Hello Sir,
    I am Rasmi & got 1234 rank in social studies methodology. i have freezed my options,is there any chance to get seat in colleges which i freezed from HYD & RR Districts..

  132. Hello
    i have attended certificate verification bt I was nt having income certificate at tht time. It will take some time Fr getting the certificate as it takes time of 7 days.pl let me know tht will I Gt any prob??

  133. Hello sir, actually i have written both icet and edcet exam and also scored very gud rank. I have taken admission for mba and also want to do b.ed. If i attend counselling will i get fee reimburse and is it possible to do at a time plzzzz reply sir i am very tnsdddd plzzzz

  134. Respectd admin
    My name is sathish I hv completed my pg recently but I hv small doubt somebody said to me after completion of pg Fees reimburse is not come when u joining b.ed is it right ?

  135. Hi Sir,
    My rank is 82. Certificate verification got delayed due to some reason but it was completed on 8th Sep. I have been told that web options will be active but its not working. Its showing error ” Rank is not scheduled today”. Please let me know how to utilize web option.

  136. Dear Sir,

    Myself K GANESH 2maro (10-09-2015) is my Web counselling i didn’t get username and password to my registered mobile number for exercising web counselling. So, Kindly suggest me what do.
    plzzzz it urgent.

    1. Ganesh First exercise web options in online using your hall ticket number, rank & mobile number, Then select colleges list according to your priority and save list. After saving colleges list you will receive OTP to confirm saved options…

  137. Sir nenu degreelo b.sc btcca (Biotechnology,chemistry,computer application) chadivanu sir nenu help line deski call cheste vallu nee degree course not eligible for b.ed ani chepparu sir Mari nenu certificate verification Ki eligible ayyanu and web options kuda choose chesukunnanu sir tarvata malli nuvvu not eligible for b.ed ani antara sir plz dayachesi cheppandi sir

  138. Sir,gud morning my problem is different from others I am a house wife I wrote entrance test and I got 438 rank in English methodology but in B.Amy subject is arts.only in B.A first year English one sub is there so they rejected me.because of no proper guidance it happens .sir is there any solution for this problem my age is 36 now .

  139. Hi admin I m not eligible for counselling becoz my result is not come yet I wana know that if management seat will give me after my result came

  140. Hi Sir,
    I got 360 rank in Micro biology, How many colleges i’ve to select

    Please tell me.

    If none of the college is allotted what will be the next process.

    Thanking You.

    1. Select as many colleges as you want. If none of the college is allotted you have to participate in 2nd counselling again. So now only select as many colleges as you want to confirm seat allotment.

  141. hello sir,iam divya
    i completed my web options procedure. when will i get the conformation of college…and how will i know it??

    1. Hello Divya,
      Allotments may available on 12th Sept, 2015. Please keep visiting http://tsedcet.in for updates. As soon as allotments are released we will provide you download link to download TSEDCET 2015 college seat allotment order.

  142. A Very very very good morning sir,
    Sir i like to mention u that on 08/09/2015 i finished my certificate verification, next web option given on 11th and 12th. actually what is that sir i mean what all the things to be done on that day i do not know ,should i come there where certificate verification is done in that same place (or) in net we have to down load plz tell me sir God’s blessings will be always with u and all your family members . And one more thing i have to bring the list of colleges which colleges i have selected list or you will tell us sir i humbly request u please kindly give me the details and fee payment . can i come early & do the work if it possible sir. pppppp!

    1. Hello Bala,
      First of all don’t be tension. If you completed certificate verification next you have to select colleges online according to your priority in which you wish to join. No need to go to certificate verification center again. You can do it from your home or from any internet center. To know how to select college options click here. Here we have provided you step by step procedure on how to participate in web options entry process. Follow those steps one by one.
      All the best. If you have any doubts still reply to this.

  143. hai sir my name is harish i will get 135 rank in ts edcet .iam complet msc but now iam not eligible for fees rambersment .if i will get ou coumpes how much paid the tution fees.in web site mention 8500 this fees is for one year or two years

  144. Sir i am ashwini,nenu councelling lo echina mobile number exam apply chesinappudu echina mobile number Same kadu ippudu nadoubt entante endulo e numberki seat allotment order vastundi plz reply sir.

    1. Hello Arun, Mobile which you got registered during certificate only preferred. You will get TSEDCET allotment order to this number only.

  145. hi sir yesterday i am selected colleges in web option it will be ok, but i want add more colleges now it is possible? (2nd time is possible for web option)

  146. Hi
    I am from orental languages I have done BA (L) and degree inter and 10th completed from languages .
    In degree we have history some subjects of social studies
    Can I take admission
    Am I eligible to B.ed studies?
    Please reply me..

  147. Dear sir
    Sir my methodology is mathematics. Tomorrow is the last date for web options. Bt Iam missing my Mobile no. What will I do sir. Please rply me sri

    1. Hello Nagendar,
      First exercise web options in online using your hall ticket number, rank & mobile number, Then select colleges list according to your priority and save list. After saving colleges list you will receive OTP to confirm saved options…

  148. Dear Admin,
    I have passed B.A. final year exam from Dravidian University, I still didn’t get degree certificate, Am I eligible for B.Ed counseling & admission??

    Thank you

    1. If you have internet passed memo, you can attend certificate verification with this. Otherwise you cannot attend certificate verification.

  149. Sir, My Name is Suneetha Dhulipalla, English, 55 rank. I given some colleges in Web options on 5th and 6th of this month. When we will get the confirmation of college allotted to me. Pls give a reply sir.

    1. Hello Suneetha,
      Still now counseling process is not completed for all rank holders & all methodologies. Allotments will be available after 10th Sept, 2015. Keep visiting http://tsedcet.in for latest updates. We will soon inform you the date of TS EDCET 2015 allotments.

      1. Hello sir,
        I did not have my class X and Intermediate memo original marks sheet with me,but I have my degree provisional nd 1st,2nd and 3rd original degree certificates and all the xerox copies of class X and Intermediate with me.Am I eligible for counselling ? please please reply

        1. Yes Syed, You can attend certificate verification. You can submit remaining certificates later. First go & attend certificate verification without making late.

  150. Sir nadi degreelo b.sc btcca (Biotechnology,chemistry,computer application) sir ite nenu helpline desk call cheste vallu ne degree course b.ed Ki eligible kadu ani chepparu sit Edi nijamena plz tell me sir

  151. Good morning sir,
    The college I wanted to join is not present in Web option, though it is present in the website tsedcet.in colleges list. What should I do now, please help me sir.My methodology is mathematics.

    1. U Might be looking for minority college. These college certificate verification and web counseling process is taking place now. For example today and tomorrow for Maths at Islamia college , yakutpura.

      1. Hi There ! Hope u r doing gud…Can any1 of u plz tell me the way to check my Minority Rank whereas my general rank is 5490 and also the Minority counselling dates as i dont hav much knowledge about this though i came from Europe… I will appreciate if any1 could plz do the needful…Thanks a Million Bye now…

  152. Dear sir,

    I have got 2009 rank , i was forgot of web counseling as per schedule on first day, what i do? i think 2 days dates given 6th and 7th.

    1. Hello Afrose, Till now certificate verification for all ranks & all methodologies is not yet completed. TS EDCET 2015 certificate verification continues till 10th Sept, 2015. You can except TS EDCET 2015 allotments after 2 days on completing certificate verification.

    1. Chandramouli if you completed web options successfully, you need to wait for TS EDCET 2015 allotments. You will get you college seat allotment details to your mobile as soon as allotments are announced.

  153. Dear sir/madam
    My age is 30years 2months.my rank is 115 and my category is OC.methodology is English can I get fee reimbursement in b ed.
    Please reply urgently.

    1. Hello Lavan,
      First exercise web options in online using your hall ticket number, rank & mobile number, Then select colleges list according to your priority and save list. After saving colleges list you will receive OTP to confirm saved options

      1. Iam completed certificate verification on 3rd September. Today is d web option procedure ,aft selection of colleges wen I clicked on save button , another window is opening asking for password OTP, which I didn’t get in mobile…wen times I tried .pls do reply……

        1. Keep active your registered mobile and also check DND status of you mobile. You will compulsory receive SMS on saving options to confirm.

  154. Hi Sir I m completed my m.com with 48%of marks but I have written improvement I m waiting for result n I m completed b.com with 45% of marks can I attend counselling

  155. Hello Sir

    Please let me know the acceptance status of Pharmacy Professionals? Though getting 131 rank in Biological sciences they said Pharmacy candidates are not acceptable for Edcet. Please give me the suggestion whether to attend tomorrow? Will be waiting for your response sir.

  156. sir,my father is govt employee we did not get the scholarship from govt we go to college directly and take the admission it is possible or else we should attend the counselling

  157. Sir , i am B. Pharmacy candidate please let me know whether I am eligible for the B. Ed course , though i appeared for the exam , have my hall ticket with me. please respond quickly.

    1. Dear Admin

      You been kind enough at answering concerned persons out in here , but my queries seems to be unanswered, desperately looking for your response.

  158. Sir i am B. Pharmacy Candidate, had applied for Biological Science, but my request was denied at counseling center , although professional courses like Be, B. Tech were considered, why Pharmacy being an allied life science was not considered.

  159. Respected Admin,

    Gud evening sir. First of all I want to thank you for your valuable suggestions. I have completed my certificate verification without any problem. I have a small doubt about the password, the people at centre have said that we can leave after certificate verification, but I have not received any password to mobile??? When will I receive my password??? Please give me a reply sir??

      1. Meru Nek okka replay kuda evvaledu sir plz tell me sir nenu degreelo b.ac (Biotechnology,chemistry,computer application) e degree course b.ed biological science Ki eligible or not eligible

  160. Dear Admin/Any one..
    I need urgent help…
    Can any clarify about the eligibility of B.Tech(Biotechnology) for admission into B.ed.
    Verification centre at A.V College Hyderabad is rejected me from admission.

    Please any one urgent reply.

  161. Na study 1st nunchi degree varaku karimnagar district la puti aihedi B ED entrance exam karimnagar lo rasena epudu certificate verification medak district lo cheya cha.

  162. hi I have applied for 10 years residence certificate but it will take some time to get it , is it possible for me to attend counselling without residence ceritificate and deposit it later at the time of admission.

      1. dear admin thanks for your valuable reply but, i went today without residence certificate (bt i had receipt of mro office) but dey did not accept my documents saying you have given me wrong information, I am really upset as my last date of web option is 6th and i cannot go for college selection. please reply

  163. sir i completed my intermediate BIPC GROUP sir degree nenu BA Chesanu nenu social method tho edcet rasanu rank 2150.social method cheyavaccha tsedcet insttuctions lo interio social sciences subjects compulsary vundala .sir please answer my question

  164. Hi Sir, TC in my college, My studies is going on I will give TC after 1 mounth
    Is it possible?
    And I don’t have resedence certificate but I have applied from mee seva I will show the only receipt
    It Is possible

  165. Hello, good evening sir
    d’s is sadia ..I wanna know, is it necessary to submit residential and birth certificate.my counselling is on 5th September 2015

  166. Sir yesterday medak lo verification fee pay chesina tharvatha degree memo ledu ani verification cheyaledu memo theesukunna now I got memo.and nizamabad hlp daggara ani ikkadiki vachanu sir. But already medak lo registration ayindi kabatti ikkada cheyam antunnaru present mdk villalenu. Ela any chance plz reply

      1. Plz tell me sir b.sc (biotechnology,chemistry,computer application) course eligible (or) not eligible for b.ed biological sciences methodology

        1. Sir nenu degreelo b.sc btcca (biotechnology,chemistry,computer application) course eligible or not eligible for b.ed biological sciences methodology nenu help line deski call cheste vallu na degree courses b.ed Ki not eligible ani chepparu sir e dought clarify cheyandi sir

          1. Sir b.sc btcc (Biotechnology,chemistry,computer application) this course is eligible (or) not Eligible for the b.ed biological sciences methodology

            1. Naku repu biological science course counselling undi nenu degreelo b.sc btcca (Biotechnology,chemistry,computer application) sir e sujejcte b.ed Ki eligible avna kada sir plz tell me sir

              1. Sir nenu b.ed biological science certificate verification Ki vellanu akkada naku your Eligible for counselling yes ani vachhindi nadi degree lo b.sc btcca (biotechnology,chemistry,computer application) sir e course b.ed biological sciences Ki eligible. Or not sir plz tell me sir neeku dandam pedtha

  167. sir i got 2050 rank in social method nadi interlo bipc degree BR ambedkar open university aite naku fee reienbresment vastunda naku income certificate lo 80000 annual income undi

  168. Hello sir/mam ,I completed my MSc but I didn’t get my transfer certificate and migration certificate . can I attend for certificate verification?

      1. can i attend certificate verification with the receipt issued by meeseva and submit income certificate later in the college after addmission plzz help me sir

          1. hello sir, today was my certificate verification as i did not have income certificate they said me to submit my income certificate before 10 sep 2015 at the helpline center is it compulsary to submit it at helpline centre ?? can’t i submit it in the college after admission.plz help me out sir

  169. hello there,
    Im staying in telengana from 2014,so i have not residental certificate of 10 years.what should i do?Does transfer certificate is necessary ?

  170. Sir i went for verification and they hv taken only one set Xerox copy and they gave the list of documents paper on that our mobile number is Der dat mobile number we have to give for web options ah….plz reply sir I am confused abt dat

  171. sir i got 2150 rank in edcet nadi interlo bipc degree ba ambedkar open university nenu social method lo exam rasanu naku reinbersement vastunda inka certificate verification lo certificates verification chesina tarvata return ivvara sir please answer my question

    1. Original certificates will be returned to you after the certificate verification at help line center. They will take only 2sets of xerox copies.

        1. Hello Arshiya,
          First exercise web options in online using your hall ticket number, rank & mobile number, Then select colleges list according to your priority and save list. After saving colleges list you will receive OTP to confirm saved options

  172. Sir what is GAP certificate ? From where we should get? As I got a gap for 10yrs in my studies…it is compulsory to show GAP certificate while councelling?

    1. No need to show GAP certificate at the time of certificate verification Nirmala. Attend TS EDCET counselling without any tension.

      1. sir i already completed my m.com in ou campus now i got 212 rank in b.ed entrance exam can i get fee reeimbursement now and can i get seat in ou campus plz tell me sir

    2. 1)sir my father retired in scr in 2012 nw will i get fee reimbursement nd he will get per annual 1lk below
      2)sir i dnt hve resident certificate nw wt shld i do????

  173. Sir please tell me if there is an alternative if the candidate is not able to come.can a parent do it on behalf please tell me sir

      1. Hi Sir,

        Please clarify, If not attended in particular dates then when he can attend.

        Ex: If Mathematics candidate haven’t attended for certification verification on 3/09/2015 and 04/09/2015…. then when can attend the verification.

      2. But sir what if it is a genuine reason there has to be a alternative way sir like an authorisation letter from the candidate plss understand and reply

      3. Hi sir, i have completed my B.A in 2003. Do i get fee reimburesement /scholarship, because i belong to minority and caste OC. I am of 35 years. Pls reply me.

  174. Sir I don’t have the caste,income certificate and I vil pay the college fees.n I belong to bc-d caste am I eligible for verification vil there b any prblm…plz reply sir..

    1. As you are ready to pay college fee, you can attend certificate verification without caste & income certificate. You will not have any problem. All the best Mona.

  175. sir, i am poor, i don’t have tuition fee right now…. question is whether tuition fee paid after allotment in the college is it must or they collect from the scholarship when it is sanctioned…….

    1. If you are eligible for Fee Reimbursement then no need to pay any fee in college. But if you are not eligible for fee reimbursement at the time of joining in college only you have to pay fee. And in some colleges it depends on college management.

  176. Hello sir gud evening. Im having a doubt about residence certificate, before I had a residence certificate under A.P GOVT stating that I’m resident of so and so from 2010 to 2016 but I got a residence certificate saying I’m resident with 5 years but in required counselling certificates they mentioned that about 10 years is my new certificate under government of telangana with 5 years is valid or not??? Please give me a reply sir???

  177. My rank is 537 and methodolody mathematics. I have certificate verification on 3rd sept. Can i attend it on next day i.e on 4th along with other rank candidates as i am out of station

    1. Hello Prathyusha,
      All the candidates you are not able to attend certificate verification on given scheduled date can attend on next day.

  178. sir
    today i went to help line center for certificate verification, but not done verification because
    i wrote edcet with english method. i appeared ma english final exams but i didnt got results
    im from osmania university.
    i got 143 rank in tsedcet
    at this am i not eligible for counselling
    what i have to do
    please give a reply

      1. Hi Sir,

        Today I didn’t attend the certificate verification for physical sciences, because strike. Can I attend tomorrow.. Pls suggest. I got the 104 rank.

    1. According to notification Residence certificate also needed. Once check in you date of birth certificate whether residence & date of birth certificate is mentioned or not.

  179. Hi Sir,

    My Wife will be completing her MCA, within one month. I have Degree TC Xerox, Is that fine for Certificate Verification. Please advise

  180. hi Sir,… I have got my Date of Birth wrong in EdCET Application form while applying, pls let me know how to change my date of birth now before attending for counselling

    1. Hey no problem Pandu,
      You can make it correct during certificate verification. Its not a big problem. Just inform to verification officer to change the date of birth as per SSC memo.

  181. Hi I attended today’s counselling but the status is pending as I didn’t have resident certificate, now dey have given me time frame of seven days to make residence certificate but it can take max time of 30 days to get it . Is it possible to submit resident proof after getting admission , can’t dey approve me for counselling and generate my one time password .
    Thank you

    1. If you want to get Residence certificate fast apply from meeseva and contact your VRO. As soon as VRO verifies and approves in online you can get print of residence certificate. Its all depends on your VRO.

  182. Dear Sir/Madam,

    What is the procedure if in case absence of the candidate on particular date? Is there any option to come for certification on some other day.

    Ex: Mathematics candidate by the personal problem not attended on the given days, when he can come again..

    Please confirm ASAP..

  183. Hi sir my name praveena and my rank 1708 biology here two counselling center …but im confused …will u plz tell me my counselling center …im frm hyd



    1. Shiney Verification will be done on rank wise. And allotments will be done based on priority of their choice optioned in web counselling.

  185. hi sir ,
    i would like to knw if we can select the college during the certificate verification itself?
    i would like to knw the list of colleges in hyderabad, so that i can make note of the course code ready.
    is it neessary to pay the fees during the certificate verification, Are we suPposed to bring the tution fees during the verification?
    After web counselling when should we pay the fees

    1. Hello Shiney,
      You cannot select college at certificate verification.
      You need to option for college from web counseling in online. Colleges list is available in web options page after logging into your account.
      You need not to carry tution fee to verification center. You need to pay tution fee if any after college is allotted.

  186. sir, i completed my m.sc.under convinor quota. now i want to do b.ed and i got 230 rank in tsedcet entrance exam.is am elegible for fee reimbursement in b.ed?
    and may i know how much fee demands in ou campus if fee reimbursement was not recieved?

    1. Hello Veerababu,
      You are eligible for fee reimbursement if you are from telangana region and income is less than 2lakhs per year.

  187. Thank you.sir.sir my suject methodology is social studies.rank 3557.so when cerificates verification.please could you infomed me si.

      1. Good afternoon sir i got 212 rank in entrance exam my subjet is social studies can i get seat in ou campus plz tell me sir my cast is bc-d

  188. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have a doubt can you please clarify…

    > I qualified my degree in the year 2012 and after degree i have done MBA. now i dint received my T.C.
    Please suggest me if i’m eligible to counselling with out T.C.

    > People who are completed P.G (MBA,MCA,M.SC) also eligible for Scholarship and Fee reimbursement or not..

    Thank You.

    1. Hello Siva Shanker,
      You can attend certificate verification without TC. But you need to submit it after counseling at allotted college. and fee reimbursement depends on income, residence & age limit. You are eligible for fee reimbursement if you are from telangana and income is less than 2lakhs. for age limit check G.O.

  189. I Completed my my inter during the years 2007-2010 because nenu interlo fail ayyanu.inka 2014-2015 years lo nenu a course cheyaleu naku certificate verification lo gap certificate adugutara nadi degree br ambedkar upon university nadi social metadology

  190. Hi there
    I have some doubts please can you clarify my doubts.
    1. I don’t have income certificate present now, I have applied in MEESEVA but still not issued (INPROCESS). What can I do for Fee Reimbursement.
    2. I got a rank 827 in mathematics methodology but original rank card not issued/ received shall I submit internet RANK CARD print out????.
    3. My surname has been changed in AADHAR card (MARRIED). Shall I submit old AADHAR card or NEW one.

    1. Hello Rakesh,
      1. You can attend with certificate you have present now. You can submit remaining after the counseling at allotted college.
      2. Internet rank card is enough for certificate verification.
      3. As you are male why your surname changes after marriage? Any how submit aadhar card with the same name in SSC memo.

      1. Thank you for your reply.
        Here I am posting on behalf my wife
        3. My surname has been changed in AADHAR card (MARRIED). Shall I submit old AADHAR card or NEW one

        Please suggest now

    2. my father is a central government employee , is we need any income certificate.
      I am not opting for fee reimbursement. and my schooling till 6 was in different states after 6th in AP.HOW TO PROVIDE BONA FIDE CERTIFICATE FORM 3 CLASS ON WARDS . THANK SIR

  191. Admin
    Sir in certificate my name anjali mahakali I am married my surnane change to anjali siddenki in aadhaar, caste,income certificate my name anjali siddenki
    certificate will accept or not.

    1. No feroz, They only take 2 sets of your xerox copies. They will return you original. You have to submit at college in which you are allotted.

  192. Sadhana:- gud mrng sir residence certificate lo 10yrs dhaka undalani annaru but, na residence certificate lo 1yr matrame em parledha sir pls tell me iam confuced

    1. Sadhana Its compulsory to have 10years in residence certificate. Then only you are considered as telangana candidates. It is necessary for fee reimbursement. But dont be tension. Once again clarify your doubt at certificate verification officer.

  193. Sir/madam my degree completed at 2010. 2013 lo m.sc discontinue chesanu.ippudu T.C. Msc de undi….. Accept chestara sir.

  194. i applied BEd using my Degree hall ticket number..I completed MCA in 2011.. DO i am eligible for counseeling..DO i need to show my MCA transfer certificate.. I got 348 rank in MAthematics and caste is SC

  195. Actualy my father working in air forse.we have to shift from one place to another place.so we dont have permanent residence certificate.can i show aadhar card and pan card.

    1. You can get your residence certificate & date of birth certificate in one. You are also allowed for certificate verification with out it. But for fee reimbursement you have to compulsory submit residence certificate issued from MRO office.

  196. Sir i have approach my exam in hyderabad but i am from karimnagar
    now i am in a dynamo that where i have to come for counselling
    please help me out

  197. where is this counselling going to be held sir ,
    Where as i am from Karimnagar ,
    And i have approach my exam in hyderabad sir.

      1. thank u, n iam sure there vl be separate minority counselling , pls do inform dates as soon as it is issued.. waithng for it

  198. Hello sir my rank is 699inbiological science.but i want to go for physical science as i have completed my M.sc chemistry.can i go for it please reply soon

  199. Sir ,,,,,
    Am Sharmila Rani can i know the full details about web counselling and the time…. Waiting for ur reply,….,….

  200. Sir i got 699 rank in biological sciences. But i want to go for physical sciences as i have cimpleted my M.sc in chemistry.can i go for it.please reply soon

  201. Sir my caste z oc z income nd caste certificate compulsory nd i wrote my 10th exams as private candidate so i dnt hve 9th nd 10th bonafieds sir .what z the solution for it sir plz reply

  202. If I am not able to attend for certificate verification at that perticular date then what I need to do pls reply me as soon as possible

  203. Sir;residence cerificate is compulsry to bring at the time of counselling.can i bring aadhar card.sir.please tell me about this.compulsry to bring?????

      1. Sir nenu ninna web options complete chesanu kani priority evvaledu malli e roju priority evvochha sir and seat allotment ala untundi sir manam choose chesina first college nundi last college varaki choosi a college lo vasthundo chustha leka pote ala chustharu sir plz tell me

        1. Hello Shiva,
          Colleges optioned first are preferred 1st. If in 1st college seats are not available then 2nd college seat will be allotted. If there are no seats in 2nd college also, then 3rd college in list is preferred and so on.

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